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More workers were retrenched in Q1 – here’s why most of them were PMETs

More men were retrenched, and the age group with the highest number of retrenched employees were the over 50s.

Private sector employees in Singapore earned higher wages in 2018 despite inflation: MOM report

The highest wage growth was recorded in the finance & insurance and professional services sectors.

Employment agency that posted ‘insensitive’ online ads portraying maids as commodities pleads guilty

The posts contained a price column and when a maid was selected, the advertisement would indicate underneath her photograph that she had been "sold".

Singapore job-seekers deterred by low pay, shift work and physically strenuous work in non-PMET jobs, MOM study finds

PMET openings were easier to fill than non-PMET ones, MOM said.

Singaporeans worked almost 9 hours a day in 2018 – the lowest in a decade

Singaporeans' working hours decreased in general over the years, the Ministry of Manpower said.

Singapore’s labour market has improved and income growth is up, MOM says in latest report

Singaporeans also continued to earn higher incomes in the past five years.

Singaporeans only need to work 10.4 days to afford an iPhone XS, according to a study

According to a study, the iPhone XS is, in fact, not that expensive for the average Singaporean.

Ministry of Manpower has named the agency that was selling maids on Carousell and suspended its license

The employment agency behind Carousell profile @maid.recruitment has been revealed.

The Ministry of Manpower is investigating why maids are being ‘sold’ on Carousell

Several domestic workers, allegedly from Indonesia, were listed on Carousell profile @maid.recruitment, where some of the profiles have been as tagged 'sold'.