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A Spanish air force Eurofighter Typhoon trails a US Marine Corps KC-130J to receive fuel as part of a bilateral fixed-wing air-to-air refueling training near Morón Air Base, Spain, July 13, 2017.

A Spanish fighter jet accidentally fired a missile near the border with Russia — and they still can’t find it

The jet was deployed to Lithuania as part of a regular Baltic air-policing mission, and the missile was fired after a routine training exercise over southeast Estonia, which borders Russia.
A popular water park in Tiberias, Israel, which is situated along the Sea of Galilee.

Syrian rockets fired at Israel were found at a popular tourist beach

Two rockets from Syria landed in the Sea of Galilee on Wednesday in what the army initially thought was spillover from Syria. The rockets were discovered after locals reported seeing an object fall into the water near the popular Gofra Beach, located about 18 1/2 miles from Syria's border.
German navy frigate Sachsen after a missile-launch malfunction, June 2018.

A missile misfired and scorched the deck of a German navy frigate

The antiaircraft missile failed to exit the launch tube, and its rocket motor scorched the ship's deck and bridge. Two crew members were injured, and the ship returned to its homeport.

Fortnite fans think a huge missile is going to drastically change the game — here’s what we know

As the end of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" season 4 approaches, datamining has suggested that a huge missile could be launched in the game, and might even be controlled by players.
Residents watch a big video screen on Mirae Scientists Street in Pyongyang showing newsreader Ri Chun Hee as she announces the news that the country has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on September 3, 2017.

North Korean state media’s most famous announcer is a 74-year-old grandmother who Trump said should be on US cable news

Ri Chun Hee, one of the most recognizable faces of North Korea, has resurfaced to report on Kim Jong Un's meeting with President Donald Trump. Ri is affectionately known as North Korea's "Pink Lady" and has been broadcasting major events on the country's only news channel for decades.
The controversial/delightful guided missile launcher.

‘Fortnite’ just lost a huge feature that was polarizing among players

The hilarious and controversial guided missile is no longer part of "Fortnite: Battle Royale," much to the chagrin of villains everywhere.

The US fired more than 118 missiles at Syria in coordinated response to suspected chemical weapons attack

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the US used "a little over double" that of a 2017 missile strike on a Syrian air base, which involved 59 Tomahawk missiles.
Saudi Arabia's missile defense system intercepts several missiles fired from rebel-Houthis.

Saudi Arabia’s missile defenses look to have ‘failed catastrophically’ at trying to stop a large Houthi strike

One person died and two others were injured from shrapnel, according to a news outlet based in the United Arab Emirates.
A US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.

The Army is testing a replacement for the Hellfire missile — and pilots like what they see

"With JAGM, I have a pretty good guarantee that I am going to kill that target with a single missile instead of multiple missile shots."

A mystery missile at North Korea’s military parade should make the US worried

While many North Korea analysts focus on the big ICBMs like the Hwasong-14 and the Hwasong-15, a mysterious smaller missile slipped by relatively unnoticed.