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An Uber driverless Ford Fusion drives down Smallman Street on September, 22, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Uber and Lyft are betting on self-driving cars to become profitable. But that may not happen, new research from MIT suggests.

Will robo-taxis actually be cheaper to operate than traditional cars? Maybe not, new research from MIT says.

This $28 vitamin C serum that was developed by MIT scientists makes my skin glow — and it’s available to buy after selling out 4 times

This vitamin C serum was engineered by MIT grads, and it's purposefully priced under $30. Shoppers have been quick to note that it also happens to contain most of the same ingredients as the award-winning $166 version from SkinCeuticals.
Tesla's Autopilot system has been the subject of significant debate.

An MIT study found that Tesla Autopilot users were better than expected at taking over before potentially dangerous situations

The study's authors emphasize that its conclusions cannot be extended to all Tesla Autopilot users or to other semi-autonomous systems.
A bird's eye view of the Maldives.

MIT researchers figured out how to build ‘pop-up islands’ that could save places like Hawaii from disappearing underwater

Researchers have discovered a way to build pop-up islands by harnessing a wave's energy.
A rendering of a concept that uses MIT and NASA's new wing design.

MIT and NASA created a futuristic ultra-flexible airplane wing that could change the way we fly

Researchers from MIT and NASA have developed an airplane wing that can change shape and increase flight efficiency.
MIT's "origami" robot in action.

This ‘origami’ robot looks like a delicate flower, but is strong enough to lift a bottle of wine

The MIT robot has an origami 'magic ball' skeleton, and is able to pick up delicate and irregularly-shaped objects.

An MIT researcher’s startup claims it has technology that will revolutionize E-Scooters and save mobility companies money

Superpedestrian's scooters can monitor themselves and report problems before a user ever encounters a broken scooter.
Algorithmic Justice League founder Joy Buolamwini.

An MIT researcher who analyzed facial recognition software found eliminating bias in AI is a matter of priorities

MIT's Joy Buolamwini found that facial recognition software is much more accurate when assessing light male faces, and that it's because of data sets.
President Trump has been singing his Uncle John's praises for years.

President Trump said his uncle was a ‘great professor at MIT for many years’ — here’s what to know about John Trump

President Donald Trump's uncle, John Trump, was an MIT scientist who developed useful cancer treatments and radar technology used in World War II.

A 28-year-old MIT graduate has created a leak-detecting robot that could eliminate some of the 2 trillion gallons of wasted drinking water annually

You Wu, a 28-year-old graduate of MIT, has developed a robot that can find leaks in water pipes by detecting suction forces. Previous methods of leak detection have relied on listening to leaks, something Wu said is ineffective.