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Billion-dollar startup Magic Leap’s futuristic smartglasses made a bizarre appearance on Brazilian television with dancing bears

Magic Leap is a startup that has raised $2.3 billion to build a pair of smartglasses that's supposed to be released this year. Demos of the technology are still not available to the public.
The Magic Leap One is an augmented reality system.

Everything we know about Magic Leap’s crazy-looking new headset that cost $1.9 billion and six years to make

Magic Leap wants to replace your smartphone, your TV, and your computer with its augmented reality system, Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap’s CEO, who just raised $793 million, is getting ready to mass produce his hallucinogenic technology

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz tells us what the company plans to do with its new massive round of funding, from backers including Alibaba and Google.