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FILE PHOTO: Crew members look over idle oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico near Port Fourchon, Louisiana

The oil market’s threats combine 9/11 with the financial crisis — and could turn prices negative, analyst says

Unless the US can build new storage at a never-before-seen rate, its capacity could fill up and prompt rapid selling, Mizuho Securities said.
Bitcoin: Goes up fast and comes down fast, too.

Bitcoin is so volatile its risk-adjusted return is worse than stocks

The price of bitcoin is so volatile that even if you have good gains today they are frequently wiped out in the next day's trading.

MIZUHO: Apple investors should pay attention to just 2 things in 2018

Apple has had a great year, outpacing the general market and remaining the most valuable company by market cap, but can it keep it up?

MIZUHO: ‘The market appears at risk for an unexpected event’

Mizuho Securities thinks that conditions are ripe for a stock market correction, and that the lack of volatility puts it at risk for an "unexpected event."

Another Wall Street bank downgrades Apple

Apple's shares fell Friday, and don't seem to be slowing down.

A new player in Wall Street trading has made a key hire

Tassan-Solet will report to Thomas Hartnett, head of fixed income sales and trading, and play a key role in the build out of Mizuho's derivatives platform.

‘It’s getting worse’: An increasing number of Americans have stopped paying their car loans

The number of Americans who have stopped paying their car loans appears to be increasing — a development that could send ripple effects through the US economy.

A new player in Silicon Valley dealmaking is snapping up tech bankers

Tokyo-based Mizuho has been expanding its investment banking team in the US this year, building healthcare, industrials, consumer, and tech banking teams.