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This Singapore-made app will tell you if a product is halal or not – just by scanning its barcode or ingredients list

Using the Halal Scanner, users scan a barcode, ingredients list or product image – and it'll tell them if a food product is likely halal or not.

UOB is going after Asean’s millennials with a digital bank called TMRW – and its biggest draw could be a game that levels-up with savings

Do you find banking fun? UOB is hoping its new digital bank - which comes with its own mobile game - will be the answer to that.

A new mobile app lets you take a virtual tour of the White House — and you can even see this year’s Christmas decorations

The new White House Experience app offers virtual tours and lets users determine their presidential and first lady lookalike.

These are the 10 most used smartphone apps

Facebook and Google own 80% of the most used apps in the US.

Snapchat’s custom-emoji creator is now the fastest-growing app in the US

Bitmoji, Snapchat's app for sending personalized emojis to friends and family, is now the fastest-growing app in the US.

The best new apps and updates you may have missed this month

Here are some of the coolest updates and brand-new apps launched in during the month of January.

Everyone needs to tell their college friends building an app to stop right now

The era of mobile apps is over. Facebook won. It's time to move on.