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Half of Singaporeans can’t live a day without their mobile phones – and only 3% are willing to give them up permanently

How do I live without you? I want to know. How do I breathe without you? If you ever go. How do I ever, ever survive? How do I, how do I, oh how do I live? - Dedicated to my iPhone XR
Google's version of "Snake" is accessible on the web or on your smartphone.

Google just added the classic phone game ‘Snake’ to Google Maps as an April Fools’ Day gag — here’s how to play it

This is no April Fools' Day joke: "Snake" is playable within Google Maps right now.

Here’s how wireless phone chargers compare to regular chargers — and how to choose the right one

While they once seemed like a novelty, wireless chargers have emerged as a new type of mobile accessory, and are becoming more mainstream.

Without mobile phones, hundreds of millions of people wouldn’t have internet access

In less developed countries like India and Indonesia, millions of people are dependent on their mobile devices for internet access.