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7 things people who are good with money never buy

People who are good with money aren't buying or leasing new cars, chasing designer items, or wanting the biggest and best houses.
People who are good with money have clear goals.

4 things people who are good with money do every day

Being good with money means you're thoughtful and deliberate about the way you spend, save, invest, and earn.

7 things people who are good with money know that the rest of us don’t

People who are good with money make saving a habit, live below their means, and spend time and money to plan for the future.
Susan Miller, the founder of AstrologyZone, wakes up before 7 a.m. most days.

An author and astrologer with millions of fans around the world says the first person she calls every morning is her banker

Susan Miller, founder of the popular horoscope website AstrologyZone, has an "obsession with beautiful financial records," she told the Cut.

5 ways talented people keep themselves from making more money

Even talented people can feel like they're in money rut — here's how to get out of it.
The truth about money can be surprising.

7 things people think are terrible for their finances that actually aren’t

Not all personal finance advice will apply to you. Know what to follow and what myths to ignore.

The 15 US cities where residents have the healthiest finances

These cities are home to people with good credit standing, responsible spending and saving habits, and strong earning potential.