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Pharmaceutical giant Bayer plunges 11% after landmark $289 million weedkiller cancer ruling

Bayer-owned agriculture firm Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million to a groundskeeper who alleged that the ingredients of a weedkiller produced by the company caused him to develop cancer.

After a $66 billion merger, Monsanto is disappearing — sort of

The German drugmaker and chemical company Bayer has finalized a $66 billion blockbuster deal to gobble up the agricultural behemoth Monsanto, but you wouldn't know it by the company's new name. On Monday, Bayer said it was dropping Monsanto's 117-year-old title.

The $66 billion Bayer-Monsanto merger just got a major green light — but farmers are terrified

Bayer has won approval in the US to buy agricultural giant Monsanto. But many farmers are worried about what the consolidation might mean for them.

A new Monsanto-backed company is on the verge of producing the first fruit made with a blockbuster gene-editing tool that could revolutionize agricult...

Monsanto is going beyond GMOs and investing in the gene-editing startup Pairwise. The deal could herald the arrival of the first Crispr produce.

Inside the little-known Monsanto campus where scientists are changing the way you eat

On a sprawling campus in California, Monsanto chips away at making a juicier melon, a shelf-stable onion, and a tomato that doesn't go limp in shipment.

Trump could approve a giant merger that’s scaring American farmers

Executives from Monsanto and Bayer claim their $66 billion merger would boost agriculture research and innovation. But farmers and analysts aren’t so sure.

Stocks are rallying

It's a heavy day for economic data.

Monsanto may have just ended the war on GMOs

Crispr is a far more precise method of modifying genes than scientists have had access to before — and it could be the future of food.

Wall Street banks could make close to $700 million from the Bayer-Monsanto deal

The Bayer-Monsanto merger could bring in $700 million for Wall Street banks.

Bayer and Monsanto used the one word that should make their employees very nervous

"Synergies" should worry a lot of employees at Bayer and Monsanto.