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America's middle class is shrinking.

6 findings that show the dire state of America’s middle class

Middle-class Americans aren't faring that well — they're behind on homeownership and retirement savings, partly because they're in debt.
Wealth is all relative, especially when it comes to class.

Nearly half of Americans earning $100,000 or more think they’re middle class — and it shows that class in America isn’t just about m...

While class and wealth are relative, a shrinking middle class, increased living costs, and debt contribute to their differences.
Many Gen Xers who expect to retire before age 75 are behind on their retirement savings.

A wealth manager says Gen Xers should focus on a 2-part strategy to retire on time

Wealth manager Megan Gorman recommends Gen Xers who are falling behind save in a retirement plan and contribute to a health savings account.
People who identified as middle-class were most likely to say they would save an extra $1,000.

Americans from the working class to the rich would spend an extra $1,000 differently — but they all agree on their lowest priority

A recent INSIDER and Morning Consult survey asked Americans who self-identified with a socio-economic class how they would spend an extra $1,000.
According to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey, about 30% of respondents who grew up rich now identify as poor or working class.

More than half of Americans who grew up rich don’t think they’re wealthy anymore, and it highlights uncomfortable changes in the US econom...

Those who grew up as affluent, upper middle class, and middle class now identify as a lower class, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey.
Gen Xers may find themselves playing catch up in order to retire.

Forget millennials — the real financial time bomb in America is Gen X

According to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey, almost half of Gen X respondents, defined as ages 38 to 53, don't have retirement savings.
A Walmart employee.

From Amazon to Colgate, these are the 25 most loved brands in America

Amazon, Netflix, and Home Depot some of America's favorite brands, according to the latest version of Morning Consult's Most Loved Brands study.
Millennials aren't saving much cash for a down payment on a home.

Millennials might say they want to buy a house, but too many aren’t doing anything about it

About 31% of millennials who expect to own a home aren't currently saving for one. Millennial homebuyers are increasingly relying on larger mortgages.

These are the most and least trusted news outlets in the US

The most credibly perceived outlet among all adults was CBS. ABC was the most credible among Democrats, while Fox News topped Republicans' lists.
Millennials and Gen Xers aren't saving enough.

Millennials are delusional about the future, but they aren’t the only ones

Too many millennials and Gen Xers aren't preparing for retirement and homeownership, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey.