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They paid off their $330,000 mortgage in five years.

6 genius tips from a couple who paid off $330,000 of debt in 5 years

Tai and Talaat McNeely of His & Her Money paid off $330,000 in just five years — on one income. Their tricks included using 13 bank accounts, turning hobbies into side hustles, and being super organized. Their tips can help you pay off huge debt, no matter how impossible it seems.

I’m a millennial and I just bought a home — here’s what I wish I knew when I started the process

There are many things millennials must consider when buying a home, like speaking with a mortgage broker rather than relying on real estate websites, finding an inspector, and sticking to a budget.

How to figure out the best time to buy a home, according to a mortgage analyst

For many, life events such as marriage or the birth of a child are often the catalyst to buying a home. It's important to buy a home when you're able to afford one, though waiting until the winter to put down an offer could save you a bit. Here's how to know when it's the best time to buy a home.
There are things you should consider doing before buying a new house.

The 10 smartest things I did before I bought my first house

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you make. There are some things you can do before buying a house that can save you money, time, and stress during the moving process. Here are the 10 smartest things I did before buying my first house.

People are putting their homes at risk to buy Bitcoin

A securities regulator told CNBC on Monday that some people are now taking out mortgages to buy the cryptocurrency.

The way Americans buy homes is changing — and it presents a huge problem for the middle class

The least and most expensive houses and condominiums are being purchased without debt by cash only transactions.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought an $88 million house — here’s why their $52 million mortgage might be a smart business decision

The billion-dollar couple's monthly mortgage payment is 95 times as much as the average American's.

Homebuilders tank as the GOP’s tax plan caps a big benefit for homeowners

The tax plan caps the mortgage interest deduction at $500,000.
It's a strategy that can backfire.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought their $88 million Bel Air estate with a little-known mortgage strategy anyone can use — but probably shouldn’...

Interest-only mortgages and low-down-payment mortgages have appeal — but they come with risks.

Lloyds will pay out £283 million in compensation for unfair mortgage arrears fees

The lender has admitted it did not always ensure late payment fees were realistic, and has agreed to pay out millions in compensation.