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Singapore is now the most expensive — and most competitive — city on earth

Singapore overtook the US and Hong Kong as the world's most competitive economy, according to IMD Business School's annual rankings.
Beverly Hills is one of the priciest neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.

San Francisco isn’t one of the world’s most expensive cities, despite everyone complaining how expensive it is. But 2 major US cities are

A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit puts 2 major US cities among the most expensive cities in the world, but San Francisco isn't one of them.
New York leads the charge when it comes to beer prices.

Here’s how much a beer will cost you in 10 of the world’s most expensive cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released its annual Cost of Living Report. Here's how much a beer costs in 10 of the most expensive cities.
You need an incredible amount of money to live in the Peak.

I visited the most expensive neighborhood in the world’s most expensive city — a billionaire enclave where where Alibaba founder Jack Ma m...

The Peak is the most expensive neighborhood in Hong Kong, the world's most expensive city, and home to billionaires — including, possibly, Jack Ma.
San Jose, California is one of the most expensive places in the world to settle down.

The 10 most expensive cities to live in around the world in 2019

The 15th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey shows that Australia, New Zealand, and China are the least affordable countries to live in.
Owning and running a car in Singapore is no cheap thrill.

The same city has been ranked the most expensive city in the world for 5 years running, and it’s partially because of the cost of buying a car

For the fifth year running, Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. It's followed by Paris and Zurich in a tie for second place.
Asian cities lead the list when looking at wine prices.

Here’s how much a bottle of wine costs in each of the world’s 10 most expensive cities

The average price of a bottle of wine in the world's 10 most expensive cities ranges from $8.37 in Geneva, Switzerland, to $28.77 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
San Jose is the most expensive metro area in the US, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The most and least expensive places to live in America

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we looked at the most and least expensive places to live in the US.
Manhattan neighborhoods dominated eight of the top 10 spots.

The most expensive New York City neighborhoods in 2018, ranked

PropertyShark just released its rankings of the 50 most expensive NYC neighborhoods in 2018. Manhattan dominates the list.

Hong Kong is now the city with the most super-rich people in the world — and it shows how the world outside of the US and Europe keeps getting r...

Hong Kong now has more super-rich people than any other city in the world, unseating New York City. It points to an increasingly "balanced distribution of global ultra wealth" and shows how the world outside of the US and Europe keep getting richer.