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Here are nine parent-founded startups that help moms re-enter the workforce.

9 startups helping moms get back to work after having kids

Most of these startups are mom-founded, and they're all helping mothers deal with the stress and anxiety of re-entering the workforce.
Pink and son Jameson Moon Hart.

Pink said that battling coronavirus while caring for her 3-year-old son was ‘the most physically and emotionally challenging experience’ s...

"It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next," Pink wrote in an essay for NBC News in honor of Mother's Day.
Muriel Bowser and her 2-year-old daughter Miranda.

The best lessons on motherhood from the mayor of DC, who is looking after the nation’s capital through the coronavirus crisis while raising a 2-...

Muriel Bowser says being a single mom can be a lot to manage but she's grateful for the precious moments.
Kathleen Daniel with her two daughters in their Hawthorne, New York, home.

A New York City teacher finished maternity leave as the city went on lockdown. Here’s how the mom is juggling the needs of her newborn, her remo...

For Kathleen Daniel, returning to work means pumping breast milk between calls, keeping her kids on a schedule, and making time for herself.
Make mom's day with these easy cocktails.

9 easy at-home cocktails to thank mom with this Mother’s Day

Give mom a sweet or punchy cocktail in bed this Mother's Day with these easy do-it-yourself cocktails.

The coronavirus seemed to spell doom for flower shops across the country, but a Mother’s Day surge from customers missing their moms may offer s...

The National Retail Federation is projecting that consumers in the United States will spend $2.10 billion on flowers this Mother's Day.
A mother, her son, and their alpaca pose for a photo in Cuzco, Peru.

Stunning photos of moms and their children around the world show the beauty of motherhood

Photographer Pascal Mannaerts traveled all over the globe to document mothers and their children. The resulting photos are part of a series titled "Moms of the World."
Framed photos of Trump's parents, Fred and Mary Trump, are kept on a table in the Oval Office.

Trump says he turned out the way that he did because he ‘couldn’t do any wrong’ in his mother’s eyes

The president has frequently praised his mother as being a key influence on his life decisions. She died in 2000 aged 88.

Nurseries around the world are destroying millions of flowers as demand drops during the coronavirus pandemic

Business Insider Today spoke to flower farmers in Gaza, Costa Rica, and Russia to learn how coronavirus closures have affected their businesses.
Julia Hartz, CEO of Eventbrite, is one of several moms who've also launched successful startups.

12 successful startup founders who can also claim the title of mom

Business Insider talked to venture capitalists and startup CEOs to find the moms who have risked it all to build a business.