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The Millennium Falcon has a mistake on it — somewhere.

There was a mistake built into the Millennium Falcon — here’s how it happened

The Millennium Falcon is already one of the most unique ships ever to be featured in a sci-fi movie. But the famous "Star Wars" ship could have looked even different if a mistake wasn't built into the design.

Insiders say MoviePass is both a blessing and a curse to independent movie theaters

Independent movie theaters explain the good and bad side of offering MoviePass at their establishments. Ranging from one theater that worries it could harm its own membership to another that saw record attendance last year partly due to the app.
The Millennium Falcon as it looks in "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

A creator of the original Millennium Falcon describes how the legendary ‘Star Wars’ ship was made with airplane scraps and lots of imagina...

The Millennium Falcon is one of the most beloved space ships in sci-fi, but building it for the first "Star Wars" was a gargantuan task. Roger Christian, who won an Oscar for his work as the set decorator on the movie, looks back on how it was created.
Cable, played by Josh Brolin, in "Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ screenwriters explain how time travel will be used in the franchise moving forward

"Deadpool 2" screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick say that Cable's time-travel device could open up a lot of possibilities about the franchise and that not everyone who died in the movie is gone forever.
"Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ screenwriters break down the movie’s biggest Easter eggs and cameos

"Deadpool 2" is filled with cameos, Easter eggs, and a lot of sleight of hand directed to the superhero crazed audience. So we talked to the movie's screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick about it.
"Deadpool 2."

Terry Crews explains how the X-Force joke in ‘Deadpool 2’ was pulled off, including shooting a scene they knew would never be in the movie...

X-Force turned out to be the most elaborate joke in "Deadpool 2." Terry Crews explains the lengths everyone went to pull off the movie's most shocking sequence and whether he knew of the movie's huge cameo.
"Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ dethrones ‘Infinity War’ with a $125 million opening and breaks single-day box office record for an R-rated movie...

"Deadpool 2," 20th Century Fox's sequel to the surprise 2016 hit Marvel movie, finally dethrones fellow Marvel hit "Avengers: Infinity War" with a $125 million opening weekend.
"Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ has even more crude jokes and graphic violence than the original, and is a worthy follow-up

Following the box office success of the hit movie "Deadpool," Ryan Reynolds is back in the title role for the sequel and and bring along a whole lot of x-rated jokes and plenty of violence.
"Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ is already breaking records at the box office

"Deadpool 2" passes "It" to earn the highest-grossing Thursday preview ever for an R-rated movie. It's now set to take the biggest opening weekend ever for an R movie.
David Leitch on the set of "Deadpool 2."

‘Deadpool 2’ director opens up about the pressures of jumping into a hit franchise and what working with Ryan Reynolds was like

The director David Leitch explains the anxiety that came with the race to complete "Deadpool 2" by its studio release date and how Ryan Reynolds compares to working with stars Leitch has worked with in the past like Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron.