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"Solo: A Star Wars Story."

‘Solo’ bombs at the box office taking in only $83 million over the weekend and $101 million by Memorial Day

The latest "Star Wars" movie, "Solo," has a shockingly low box office over Memorial Day weekend and gets nowhere near the record for largest opening over the holiday weekend.
Movies from "Clueless" to "Star Wars" have helped popularize common words and phrases we use today.

9 common words you probably didn’t know came from movies

Movies like "Star Wars," "Ghostbusters," and "Clueless" are celebrated as classics. They also have made some lasting contributions to our vocabularies — sometimes in ways we don't even realize.
"Solo: A Star Wars Story."

‘Solo’ has exciting thrills and lush photography, but it’s the first ‘Star Wars’ movie to make me worried about franchis...

There are a lot of things to like about "Solo: A Star Wars Story" but as a whole it's uninspired and the ending is awful. It also shows that there might be franchise fatigue.
Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian in "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

‘Solo’ is already breaking records at the box office, but it’s nowhere close to previous ‘Star Wars’ movies

The latest "Star Wars" movie, "Solo," is struggling with franchise fatigue and mixed reviews. Despite that it broke the record for Thursday preview box office going into Memorial Day weekend.

All the ‘Star Wars’ movies, ranked from worst to best

With "Solo" hitting theaters it's time to throw it in the ranking of all the "Star Wars" feature-length movies. Here's where the latest movie falls in the saga that ranges from those polarizing prequels to the latest chapters of the Skywalker saga.
A composite image showing Morgan Freeman gesturing to the legs of correspondent Janet Mock, and her response.

Old interview footage shows Morgan Freeman making creepy comments to female ‘Entertainment Tonight’ reporters

The network republished video of its reporters interacting with Freeman after several women accused him of harassment. It shows the correspondents Ashley Crossan and Janet Mock speaking with Freeman in 2015 and 2016. Both times Freeman makes overt comments about their bodies.
"American Animals" is the first release by MoviePass. It will be partnering with distributor The Orchard in the release.

An inside look at how MoviePass will make money distributing movies, and what will happen if the company goes bust

MoviePass will be partnering with The Orchard to release the independent movie "American Animals." The company is splitting the cost with the distributor to release the movie.
Morgan Freeman.

8 women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment

Eight women accused Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, with some describing sexual harassment, in a CNN report published Thursday. CNN said it spoke with 16 people who "described a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Freeman" on film sets, in interviews, and at his production company.
Matthew McConaughey on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Matthew McConaughey says Snoop Dogg swapped fake weed for real weed while filming their new movie

Actor Matthew McConaughey told Jimmy Kimmel about his experience of "being Snooped" by Snoop Dogg, when the rapper swapped prop weed for real marijuana in a scene they both appeared in for Harmony Korine's upcoming movie, "The Beach Bum."
"Cobra Kai."

‘Cobra Kai’ creators explain how they turned their obsession with ‘The Karate Kid’ into YouTube Red’s first hit show, an...

YouTube Red's hit show "Cobra Kai" was the brainchild of three friends who after years of making comedies decided to make their passion project: A reboot of the classic 1980s movie "The Karate Kid."