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You never know when disaster might strike.

People in these 16 states are woefully unprepared for the next natural disaster

Fires, hurricanes, floods, tornados, and other natural disasters are becoming increasingly common in the US. But only three in ten American families have an emergency preparedness kit, while 42% of Americans say they're not at all prepared for disaster.
The richest Americans are the most likely to wake up bright and early in the morning.

The dramatically different morning routines of Americans at every income level

Rich, middle-class, and low-income Americans don't have the same morning routines. The super-rich are most likely to wake up before 6.a.m., get in a full workout each morning, and plan their daily schedules the night before.

Politicians often brand teachers as whiners — but most Americans agree that teachers are underpaid and deserve the right to strike

Teacher pay is a point of contention between teachers and their legislators in the US, and teachers have walked out in states like Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Arizona. But a new MSN poll reveals how most Americans really feel about teacher pay.
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737.

Americans remain confident in safety of US airlines after Southwest passenger death

Southwest Airlines experienced the first passenger fatality from an accident for any US airline since 2009.
Protesters hold signs calling for more gun controls at a rally three days after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, February 17, 2018.

70% of Americans want stricter assault weapon laws — more than ever before

As the US debates an assault weapons ban, 87% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans support stricter laws on assault weapons, an MSN poll found.

Most Americans want Amazon’s HQ2 to come to their city

A new MSN survey shows that a majority of Americans, regardless of age, gender, or political affiliation, would like Amazon to come to their hometown.
Higher education issues have become the site of a burgeoning culture war.

Democrats and Republicans agree on almost everything about college — except whether it’s worth the cost

Republicans and Democrats actually agree on a lot when it comes to higher education — so long as it's not whether it's worth the cost.

Americans are unhappy with the direction of the country, and the GOP should be ‘worried’

Most Americans harbor pretty dismal views of the US government. And the gulf between Democrats and Republicans is wide.

Americans still shopping in stores know they’re missing deals – and they don’t care

Despite widespread retail closures across the country, many people still prefer the in-store experience.

Millennials are buying everything online — except cars

Seeing the car in-person, and taking it for a test drive, are still important parts of the car buying process.