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Lottery winners.

Disappointing stories reveal what it’s really like to win the lottery

Winning the lottery can certainly change your life for the better. But there are also unwanted side effects of hitting the jackpot.

25 celebrities that look almost unrecognizable after dyeing their hair platinum blonde

Dyeing hair platinum blonde is one of the most drastic changes a person can make to their look — here are 25 celebrities that took the plunge.

11 questions to ask when buying a new car

The process might seem intimidating, but it's actually quite straightforward.
Inventions for the kitchen look very different today.

20 vintage photos of products that show how far we’ve come in the last 100 years

The 20th century saw some of the greatest inventions in history that have shaped our everyday lives. Here's just a sampling of some of them.
Colton's tenure as "The Bachelor" is officially over.

From Alex Michel to Colton Underwood, we ranked every single star of ‘The Bachelor’ in the show’s 23-season history

23 seasons of "The Bachelor" have aired, with 22 different stars. In honor of the end of season 23, we've ranked every suitor in the show's history.
Checking out used cars.

11 questions to ask when buying a used car

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience — but if you plan ahead, you can get some great deals.
Sometimes you want to keep your car forever, but mostly not.

12 subtle signs you need a new car

Does your car smoke or make weird noises? Is it falling apart or just simply outdated? These are all signs it might be time for a new car.
Which states are most charitable?

The top 20 most charitable states

While the US is considered one of the most charitable nations in the world, there are 20 states that are the most altruistic.
Tourists in Spain killed a baby dolphin while taking a selfie.

The 17 most horrifying things tourists have done recently

Whether it's damaging $200,000 worth of art while taking a selfie or slapping an airline gate agent, these stories will mortify you.
Tom Brady's daughter's face was perfectly reflected in the Lombardi trophy after the Patriots' Super Bowl win.

21 stunning photos that were taken at the perfect time

Fractions of a second can make the difference between an iconic photo and a blurry outtake.