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Malaysia unveils RM250 billion economic stimulus package to help nation cope with Covid-19 fallout

It will include RM128 billion set aside to protect the welfare and well-being of Malaysians,

Malaysians won’t be able to leave the country for 2 weeks – here’s why the Movement Control Order is not a lockdown

“This is nothing like a lockdown at all," the former health minister reportedly said.

Malaysia’s PM Muhyiddin wrote to Mahathir to apologise for any hurt feelings – and is now asking for his endorsement

He's also willing to take a pay cut, given the economic situation and larger Cabinet size.

5 things critics are saying about Malaysia’s brand new Cabinet, which doesn’t have a deputy PM

Many observers have pointed out a lack of women, youth and minority ministers in the Cabinet.

4 PH members caught by police while high on drugs at a 5am party in Selangor

The embarrassing arrests come at a time when PH's popularity has nosedived as it struggles to fulfill its election promises.

Malaysia wants to spend RM5 million to study the possibility of building a third bridge with Singapore

The 9-month study will look into the necessity of a third bridge to alleviate congestion on the Causeway, as well as possible locations for it.

ISIS could move to Southeast Asia after losing territory in Iraq and Syria, Malaysian minister warns

ISIS is looking for a new base of operations – and Southeast Asia might just be it.

Malaysia’s Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin discharged from hospital – numerous VIPs visited him during his stay

Tan Sri Muhyiddin stayed at Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital.