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Psychedelic drugs appear to fundamentally reorganize the brain — and they’re starting to turn into approved treatments

From magic mushrooms to ketamine, the drugs are being tested for their potential to treat an array of diseases and conditions that currently lack adequate treatments.

We spent the day with a professional mushroom-hunter who forages ingredients for top fine-dining restaurants

Foraging is the new frontier among top restaurants. We spent the day with a professional forager to see how he makes a living.

There’s new evidence that magic mushrooms could be among the safest recreational drugs

A new survey found that of the 10,000 people who reported taking magic mushrooms in 2016, just 0.2% of them reported needing emergency medical treatment.

7 myths about psychedelic drugs like LSD that are doing more harm than good

Ecstasy, LSD, and magic mushrooms are frequently portrayed as "recreational" or party drugs. This isn't always accurate, according to researchers.

Psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms and LSD have key differences — here’s what you should know

What makes LSD a psychedelic? How is it different from other drugs like cocaine or alcohol? What makes an acid "trip" distinct from a shrooms "trip"?

A man who took magic mushrooms for a scientific study said it helped him see a basic truth about relationships

"The whole 'you' thing just kinda drops out into a more timeless, more formless presence."

A psychedelics expert says magic mushrooms will be approved for depression by 2027 — here’s why

"We treated people who'd been suffering for 30 years, and they're getting better with a single dose. That tells us this drug is doing something profound."

Why psychedelics like magic mushrooms kill the ego and fundamentally transform the brain

Study participants consistently ranked their trip as one of their most meaningful life experiences.

Hallucinogenic drugs could soon work ‘like a surgical intervention’ for mental illness

Results from new studies were encouraging enough that scientists hope they can get consent to conduct a large-scale study that could lead to FDA approval.

Monsanto may have just ended the war on GMOs

Crispr is a far more precise method of modifying genes than scientists have had access to before — and it could be the future of food.