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The 18 biggest tech products that bombed, died, or disappeared in 2018

2018 saw its share of tech products bite the dust, from a Facebook side project to a website that college students used to waste hours browsing.

Billion-dollar lip-syncing app Musical.ly is passing out $50 million worth of grants to support its users

Musical.ly's "Creator's Fund" will provide scholarships, educational grants, and virtual workshops to their users.

A lip-syncing app teens are obsessed with just got bought for ~$1 billion — here’s how to use Musical.ly

Musical.ly lets users create 15-second music videos, and it was just sold to Chinese social media giant Toutiao in a deal valued up to $1 billion.

Here are the top 10 fastest-growing smartphone apps

Bitmoji, Letgo, and Musical.ly have all seen rapid growth since 2015.

8 iPhone apps that teens constantly use

These apps are probably much different than the apps you use.

How to use Musical.ly, the app with 150 million users that teens are obsessed with

Musical.ly lets users create 15-second music videos. It's the MTV for Generation Z.

Move over, Vine — people are raking in thousands of dollars a week on a new video app

Livel.ly, an app that spun off from the video network Musical.ly over the summer, is a major emerging live-streaming platform.

This teen went from getting bullied in school to being a Musical.ly star with millions of fans

Kaylee Halko is a rising star on the lip-syncing app Musical.ly.

How one small design tweak rocketed this startup to No. 1 in the App Store

Musical.ly was growing slowly, then it quickly raced to No. 1 in the App Store.