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HQ Trivia cofounder Colin Kroll, right.

Police arrested 6 people on suspicion of working for a cocaine and heroin delivery service that appears to be linked to the death of HQ Trivia’s...

Officials have arrested six members of a drug delivery service that is linked to the overdose death of HQ Trivia cofounder Colin Kroll.

San Francisco’s dirtiest street has an outdoor drug market, discarded heroin needles, and piles of poop on the sidewalk

Residents of Hyde Street's 300 block report having to hose down urine in front of their offices or hold their breath to avoid the stench of feces.

Here’s what 5 experts told us about the $1 billion worth of cocaine found on a boat owned by JPMorgan

"No cartel would risk such a large amount of their product unless they were pretty sure they had the right 'controls' in place."
MSC Gayane

4 surprising facts about the $1 billion of cocaine found on a ship owned by JPMorgan

The sheer quantity of cocaine, the JPMorgan link, the ship's Liberian flag, and a string of West African drug busts make for interesting reading.

Some Indonesian teens are drinking water boiled with used menstrual pads to get high – here’s what it does to the body

According to one chemical researcher, pads contain chemicals like sodium polyacrylate, which are used to absorb liquids. When consumed, these chemicals create the sensation of flying.

US officials are raising alarm over Colombia’s cocaine boom, but they may be ‘missing most of the picture’

A potential hardline by the US on drug production in Colombia could complicate the country's efforts to demobilize rebels and fight cocaine cultivation.