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NASA's InSight lander takes a selfie on Mars.

NASA’s InSight lander just took its first selfie on Mars — take a look

NASA's InSight lander has taken a selfie on Mars. Next, NASA will determine where to place InSight's scientific instruments on the planet's surface.
An illustration of NASA's Mars InSight lander.

NASA can hear the ‘haunting’ sound of dust devils tearing across Mars with its new $830 million lander

Instruments on NASA's InSight lander recently heard the sounds of blowing winds and felt tornado-like dust devils tearing across the Martian surface.
In January 2018, workers extended the solar arrays that will power the InSight spacecraft once it lands on Mars this November.

NASA just dropped a solar-powered lander onto Mars — here’s what InSight will do on the red planet

NASA's Mars InSight Lander blasted off from Earth over six months ago. On Monday, the robot hit martian soil, set to investigate Mars quakes.
A wide-angle photo of the red planet taken from about 4,700 miles away by NASA's experimental Mars Cube One satellites.

NASA’s new Mars mission just landed — and it could reveal why Earth is habitable but the red planet is not

While online shoppers celebrated Cyber Monday deals, a group of NASA scientists cheered the successful landing of the $830 million InSight Mars probe.
NASA scientists and engineers celebrate the landing of the InSight Mars probe.

Watch NASA scientists freak out after landing a probe on Mars for the first time in 6 years

NASA scientists cheered, hugged each other, and performed a nerd-tastic handshake on Monday afternoon after the InSight lander touched down on Mars.
Scientists and engineers inside mission control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory celebrated the landing of the InSight Mars probe on November 26, 2018.

NASA’s InSight lander sent back its first photo of Mars within minutes of touching down — take a look

NASA landed on Mars Monday for the eighth time in the agency's history. Its InSight lander quickly snapped a shot of the red planet.
An animation of NASA's InSight probe attempting to land on the surface of Mars.

NASA’s InSight lander may not be as sexy as a Mars rover, but here’s why the mission matters for Earthlings

Learning more about how much Mars wobbles and quakes via the InSight lander could help unlock some Earthly mysteries.
An illustration of NASA's InSight probe attempting to land on the surface of Mars

NASA’s InSight probe must survive ‘7 minutes of terror’ to land on Mars. If it does, here are some incredible discoveries the robot ...

NASA's InSight Mars mission will attempt unprecedented science on the red planet, including probing Mars' temperature and listening for Mars quakes.
An artist illustration of the InSight lander on Mars.

A NASA robot is about to land on Mars — here’s how to watch the InSight landing live

NASA's InSight lander is scheduled to reach Mars on Monday, concluding its six-month journey to the red planet. Here's how to watch the landing live.
An illustration of NASA's InSight Mars probe about to land on the Martian surface.

NASA’s $830 million Mars mission is about to land. Here’s a second-by-second timeline of the InSight probe’s treacherous journey to ...

NASA posted a step-by-step timeline of its InSight spacecraft's Mars landing attempt on Monday, November 26. The entire trip should take 14 minutes.