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A photo of Earth taken during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

50 years have passed since NASA’s Apollo 8 mission circled the moon for the first time — here is every Apollo mission explained

NASA's Apollo 8 mission was the first to orbit the moon. No spacecraft has returned to the moon since 1972, but that may change as early as 2019.
An illustration of SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR..

2019 will be an extraordinary year in space. Here’s what NASA, SpaceX, and the night sky have in store for planet Earth.

The 2019 calendar is full of meteor showers, eclipses, and rocket launches, like SpaceX's Starship and Crew Dragon ships, and Chinese moon missions.

Stephen Curry says his moon-landing comments were a joke

Stephen Curry said he was joking about not believing the moon-landing and will "one thousand percent" take NASA up on their offer to tour their facilities and see moon rocks.
Cosmonauts used a knife to locate a hole in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on Tuesday.

Russian cosmonauts stabbed a spaceship with a knife to locate a mysterious hole at the International Space Station

Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev floated outside the International Space Station with a knife and scissors to find a hole in a Soyuz spaceship.
NASA's InSight lander takes a selfie on Mars.

NASA’s InSight lander just took its first selfie on Mars — take a look

NASA's InSight lander has taken a selfie on Mars. Next, NASA will determine where to place InSight's scientific instruments on the planet's surface.

NASA offers to show Stephen Curry moon rocks after he said he doesn’t believe in the moon landing

Stephen Curry was the latest NBA star to publicly back a conspiracy theory, this time about the moon landing. NASA offered to show Curry evidence.
An illustration of NASA's Voyager probe drifting through space.

NASA says Voyager 2 is the second human object ever to touch interstellar space — the void between stars

NASA says its Voyager 2 probe flew into interstellar space in November and beyond the sun's reach. However, the robot has not left the solar system.
NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

Astronaut Anne McClain brought her 4-year-old son to a NASA photo shoot before flying to the space station, and the pictures will melt your heart

Before flying to the space station, NASA astronaut Anne C. McClain brought her young son to a NASA portrait shoot. The resulting photos are adorable.

NASA will reach an asteroid today that may contain raw materials for the origin of life. Watch the rendezvous live.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe will reach Asteroid Bennu on Monday. Two years later, it will try to collect grit from the space rock and launch it Earth.
Russell "Rusty" Schweickart, a retired NASA astronaut, speaks at an event in July 2006.

Astronaut says a neglected telescope is NASA’s best chance of defending Earth from ‘city killer’ asteroids — ‘for God...

Astronaut Rusty Schweickart says the Near-Earth Object Camera telescope could locate most of the dangerous space rocks that NASA is mandated to find.