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An asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty is set to narrowly miss Earth tonight

An asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty is set to narrowly miss Earth on Tuesday evening. Luckily, it won't actually smack into our planet or cause any damage. The asteroid, dubbed 2010 WC9, will come closer to our planet than any asteroid of its size has in hundreds of years.
Jupiter will be closer to Earth than it has been in a decade on May 8.

Jupiter will be closer to Earth tonight than it has been in years — and you can see it with bare eyes

Space-watchers, get excited: On May 8, Jupiter will be closer to Earth than it has been for years, and it'll make for some prime viewing. The planet will be in opposition to the sun, which means it'll be on the exact opposite side of Earth to the sun.
A composite image showing the moment of ignition on the Atlas 5 rocket carrying InSight to Mars, and a NASA-generated visualisation of the rocket in flight.

NASA has launched a new probe to Mars — here are all the dramatic pictures of the rocket blasting into space

The InSight probe took off from Vanderberg Air Force Base in California at 4:05 a.m. on Saturday on the first step of its mission to explore below the surface of Mars. It is expected to arrive in around six months.
Mars is one of the most-visited planets in the solar system.

NASA’s $850-million mission to Mars is about to launch — here are 13 incredible facts you probably didn’t know about the red planet

NASA is about to launch InSight: a new, $850-million robotic lander that will probe for "Mars quakes" and other mysteries of the red planet. Ahead of the mission's launch in May and landing in November, here are some of the most surprising facts about Mars and our exploration of that world.
In January 2018, workers extended the solar arrays that will power the InSight spacecraft once it lands on Mars this November.

NASA is about to launch a new solar-powered lander to Mars — here’s what the InSight will do on the red planet

NASA's Mars InSight Lander is set to blast off on May 5, 2018. It'll check out what's been happening for the past 4.5 billion years on the red planet, investigate Mars quakes, and check the planet's temperature.
Business Insider's Richard Feloni interviewing Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud, who explained the value of going outside your comfort zone.

I asked 8 highly successful people for the most important lessons they’ve learned in their careers so far

Guests on our podcast "Success! How I Did It" run everything from Vimeo to Planned Parenthood to NASA, and consider these lessons hugely important.

NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe just sent back majestic new photos of the giant planet and its Great Red Spot

NASA's Juno spacecraft flew by Jupiter for the 12th time on April 1. The robot took unbelievable new images of the solar system's largest planet and storm.
A rendering of what the X-Plane may look like.

NASA has partnered with Lockheed-Martin to build a jet that could bring back supersonic air travel

Lockheed will design and build an experimental aircraft for NASA designed to fly at supersonic speeds without producing a disruptive sonic boom.
A depiction of how the Marsbee swarm would work.

NASA wants to send flying swarms of robot ‘bees’ to explore Mars

NASA commissioned a team of scientists to develop bio-inspired robot 'bees' to explore Mars.
The Mars Lunar Greenhouse is designed to supply 100% of the air and 50% of the food an astronaut needs for 2 years.

To survive on Mars, we need a ‘technology that replaces what the Earth does.’ This tube might be NASA’s best hope.

NASA wants to visit Mars, and Elon Musk and SpaceX want to colonize it, but traditional life support systems will quickly run out of food, water, air, and other supplies. Plants and bacteria can recycle astronaut waste while growing them food to eat, an approach called bioregenerative life support.