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Houses in Seattle, Washington.

From San Diego to Austin and Seattle, these are the 15 best US cities to launch a startup

1.9% of startups in the top city, Seattle, receive venture capital funding, making it a haven for fledgling businesses.
A bachelorette party voiced frustrations to local media.

Bachelorette parties in Nashville are furious the NFL draft has ruined their weekend

The NFL draft has blocked off much of Nashville's downtown to accommodate guests, and bachelorette parties have been forced to make new plans.
A low-flying military plane frightened Nashville, Tennessee, residents on Friday, January 18.

A low-flying military plane zoomed through downtown Nashville without warning, leaving residents terrified

Nashville residents took to social media Friday afternoon, complaining they had received no warning of the flyover.
An Amazon fulfillment center.

Nashville will become a critical hub for Amazon’s logistics business — but it doesn’t mean there will also be a boom in warehouse jo...

Jobs at Amazon's new operations center in Nashville, Tennessee, will pay around $158,000 on average.

The mayor of Nashville reportedly said he learned through Twitter that Amazon picked his city as a consolation prize in the HQ2 race

Amazon said its $230 million investment in Nashville would introduce 5,000 new jobs to the region.

It looks like Amazon has recruited Alexa for its plan to rename an entire neighborhood in Virginia

Amazon will split its new headquarters between two cities, one of which is called National Landing, Virginia — a place that never existed until now.
The new center will be based just north of the city's upscale Gulch community.

Nashville didn’t land a HQ2 location — here’s how it still came out a winner in Amazon’s competition

Nashville didn't pick up a HQ2 location from Amazon. However, the Tennessee capital did land a new operations hub.
The Nashville Street Barbers gives haircuts to the homeless community.

A Nashville woman started giving haircuts to homeless people, and now her network of barbers does 80 trims a week

Caroline Linder founded a group called The Nashville Street Barbers in 2017. A year later, she now gives homeless people 80 free haircuts a week. Here's how the hometown hero did it.
Phil Bredesen talks with a supporter at a campaign event on October 27.

A Democratic campaign that looks nothing like the ‘resistance’ could be the Democrats’ key to flipping the Senate

Phil Bredesen's bid for US Senate as a centrist Democrat could be the path to victory for his party in the midterms.
A woman says she was given what she believed was a prop knife at Nashville Nightmare.

A woman says she mistakenly stabbed her friend at a haunted house because she thought her knife was a prop

Tawnya Greenfield says she was unknowingly given a real knife when she attended a Nashville, Tennessee, haunted house with friends. Greenfield says a person who she believed was Nashville Nightmare employee gave her what she thought was a prop a knife and told her to stab one of her friends with it.