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PSI in Singapore close to unhealthy levels on Wednesday but will improve with thunderstorms: NEA

The haze is taking time to clear as winds have remained light since yesterday evening, NEA said.

Rain rain come again – Singapore bids farewell to hottest September on record as thunderstorms are expected

Thunderstorms are forecasted over the next 2 months as the Republic exits its hottest month ever recorded.

Dengue cases hit three-year high as Singapore is in peak dengue season

A total of 12,108 dengue cases have been reported this year as dengue cases hit a 3-year high.

Singapore’s air finally improves – but Malaysia’s Sarawak continues to climb up ‘hazardous’ range

This is drastic improvement from Wednesday, when Singapore was one of the world's top 10 most air-polluted countries.

Some funeral company employees have been giving hongbao to crematorium workers – now they’re in trouble

The hongbao were given in exchange for "preferential treatment" and "as an inducement to smoothen the cremation process".

Singapore now ranks 6th on global index of major cities with the worst air quality

A baby and an elderly man have reportedly died in Sumatra as a result of the haze.