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Looking for your favourite Singapore hawker stall? You can now find it on Google Maps

By early 2020, all 6,000 individual stores in Singapore will have their exact locations marked on Google Maps. You can even browse them in Google Street View.

A rare dengue strain is on the rise here – and Singaporeans have low immunity to it, NEA warns

There has not been an outbreak of DENV-3 virus here in the past three decades, which means that there is low immunity in the population to this serotype.

Funeral parlour suspended, to be charged after wrong body was cremated

The send-off of Kee Kin Tiong, 82, had been done according to Christian traditions and funeral rites, when the man was a Taoist, said aggrieved members of his family.

Singapore, Malaysia will stay cold and wet until next month – here’s what’s causing the intense thunderstorms

Looking for a white Christmas? The closest thing Singapore and Malaysia can offer this year is a wet one.

There’s a building in Ang Mo Kio breeding 5 million mosquitoes every week – here’s why

It will expose female Wolbachia-Aedes mosquitoes to radiation so they can't reproduce if accidentally released.

Singapore has had over 5 times more dengue cases this year than last year – and it could surge further through the end of year

There was a 32% icrease in the Aedes aegypti adult mosquito population in October.

Singapore is turning trash into roads and footpaths – and just like the water, it’s called NEWSand

Pulau Semakau - Singapore's only landfill - is expected to run out of space by 2035. The city is now hoping to close the "waste loop" by turning its trash into roads.

Singapore’s monsoon season will last till March – so PUB is loaning out panels to prevent homes from flooding

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Singapore - when it rains non-stop.

PSI in Singapore close to unhealthy levels on Wednesday but will improve with thunderstorms: NEA

The haze is taking time to clear as winds have remained light since yesterday evening, NEA said.

Rain rain come again – Singapore bids farewell to hottest September on record as thunderstorms are expected

Thunderstorms are forecasted over the next 2 months as the Republic exits its hottest month ever recorded.