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LeBron James might find himself playing the 5 for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers reportedly have their own version of the Warriors’ ‘Death’ lineup, and it makes their offseason moves more confounding

The Lakers' "Death" lineup features LeBron James surrounded by shooters, defenders, and ball-handlers. If the Lakers think that's an effective way to play, it makes their free agency moves all the more confusing.

Magic Johnson says LeBron James broke down the strengths and weaknesses of every player on the Lakers’ roster during their big free agency meeti...

Magic Johnson was blown away by LeBron James' knowledge of the Lakers and their young core. James was on board with the Lakers roster and Johnson's vision for the team.

Marc Gasol has spent part of the offseason helping rescue refugees who have become lost at sea

Memphis Grizzlies big man Marc Gasol has been putting his offseason to good use by volunteering on a boat to help rescue refugees who have become lost at sea while fleeing to Europe.

Kawhi Leonard reportedly hasn’t taken a physical with the Raptors, and it leaves a major plot point hanging over the blockbuster trade

Nobody is sure if Kawhi Leonard is healthy, including the Raptors, who reportedly may waive the physical just to get Leonard on the roster. If they do, it makes the trade for the star forward even riskier.

The Raptors are suddenly all-in on a 1-year window after 3 straight years of being embarrassed by LeBron James

The Kawhi Leonard trade and LeBron James' decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers gives the Toronto Raptors a one-year window to compete for a championship. If they fail, they may be heading for a rebuild.

Kawhi Leonard traded to the Raptors for DeMar DeRozan and both players are seemingly not happy about it

The San Antonio Spurs have agreed to a trade that would send the disgruntled Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Two other players are involved in the deal and the Spurs will also receive a protected first-round pick in 2019.

‘I just want like $80 million’ — Rams running back Todd Gurley says NFL players are mad about huge NBA contracts

NFL players have long griped about their contracts compared to other professional sports. Todd Gurley said the $150 million contracts NBA players sign are "insane," compared to the NFL.

LeBron James reportedly spends $1.5 million per year to take care of his body — here’s where it goes

Nobody in the NBA is more dedicated to the physical preparation of the game than LeBron James. From personal gyms, trainers, chefs, and the top equipment, James spends tons to stay in top shape.