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Stephen Curry is not the man to challenge to a shooting contest.

A former Warriors player learned a quick, harsh lesson about having shooting contests with Stephen Curry

Nick Young was warned not to make bets with Stephen Curry in shooting contests, but he had to learn the hard way.

Drake gave Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a mid-game massage and fans are split on how to take it

Drake is notorious for his courtside antics during Raptors games, but put himself even closer to the action on Tuesday night against the Bucks.
Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor says he learned a vital lesson about spending money from LeBron James

Conor McGregor changed the way he spent his cash when he read about what LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers forward, did with his money.

Andre Iguodala says he thinks Stephen Curry is the second-best point guard ever

Andre Iguodala had high praise for Stephen Curry, reportedly calling him the "second-best" point guard ever.
The Warriors haven't missed a beat without Kevin Durant.

There is an emerging debate about whether the Warriors are better without Kevin Durant, and it could impact a massive offseason

Are the Warriors better without Kevin Durant? The answer seems to be a "no" but whether they need him at all is worth asking.
Magic Johnson was critical of the structure within the Lakers on "First Take."

Magic Johnson went scorched earth on the Lakers’ power structure and GM Rob Pelinka one month after abruptly retiring as team president

Magic Johnson on "First Take" said Pelinka tried to backstab him and Jeanie Buss needed to better control how many people had input into decisions.
Dwight Howard's Lakers tenure didn't go as planned.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from the Dwight Howard trade that rocked the NBA and sent the Lakers and Magic into tailspins

The Dwight Howard trade didn't work out well for the Lakers or the Magic. Many of the players involved did not play in the NBA for long after the deal.
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The 15 greatest villains in sport

If being an elite athlete stopped working out for Sergio Ramos, Nick Kyrgios, or Draymond Green, they could always get work as a James Bond bad guy.
In an interview on Jada Pinkett's "Red Table Talk", Ayesha Curry (pictured) said she felt insecure about the lack of attention she receives from men, compared with all the attention women give her husband, NBA star Steph Curry.

Some people were dragging Ayesha Curry for saying she’s become insecure because more people hit on her husband than hit on her, but other celebr...

In a recent interview, Ayesha Curry said she's insecure over the fact that her husband receives more attention from women than she does from men.
Stephen Curry and Seth Curry are the first brothers to play each other in the conference finals.

Stephen Curry had a funny reaction to guarding his little brother, Seth Curry, in the Western Conference finals

Stephen Curry said he'll still play hard against Seth Curry so it looks good on film but that he may not mind if Seth's shots go in.