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Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie is planning to release a digital token for others to invest in his contract

The digital token would allow Dinwiddie to trade future income for a smaller payment, and invest the sum immediately, according to The Athletic.

LeBron James was denied the trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday’ but says the outcome was still a victory

LeBron lost his bid but was also told that the phrase is common enough that he can't be sued in the future for using it.

The Knicks’ 21-year-old French guard helped bury the US at the World Cup with the type of game that could portend a career-changing season

Frank Ntilikina's performance against the U.S. in the FIBA World Cup is the type of game he'll need to consistently produce in a crucial 2019-20 season.

Team USA hit with stunning loss in the FIBA World Cup that comes with a worse fate

USA Basketball saw a 58-game international winning streak with NBA players come to a close with a shocking loss to France in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.
LeBron James, athlete and advocate.

LeBron James might be America’s most visible labor activist right now — and he’s garnering support from Bernie Sanders

James is a champion advocate for college athlete pay, player-driven media, and the long fight of player empowerment.

Kevin Durant says he sometimes ’hates the NBA’ because of stuff that happens outside the games

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Magazine, the 10-time All-Star said that sometimes he "hates the NBA" because of things that happen off the court.
Dennis Rodman on a 1995 Sports Illustrated cover.

Dennis Rodman says he thinks 10-20% of pro athletes are gay and that the NBA is ready for an out athlete

Dennis Rodman said he thinks more athletes should come out because they would be embraced today.
Draymond Green.

Dennis Rodman talks the modern NBA, advice for today’s athletes, and LeBron vs. Jordan

Dennis Rodman has some issues with today's generation of NBA players, who he says focus too much on money and off-court interests.
Kawhi Leonard, left, and Kimesha Williams, who is reported to be his sister.

The sister of NBA star Kawhi Leonard has reportedly been charged with murder in an 84-year-old woman’s death

Kimesha Williams, said to be the sister of the Clippers forward Leonard, was charged with murder after a woman was found bloodied in a casino.