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The draft stock of a top NBA prospect is soaring after he shredded an opponent in one of the biggest upsets of March Madness so far

Ja Morant has the NBA world buzzing after he notched the first triple-double in March Madness since 2012 while helping Murray State upset Marquette.

Celebrities have flocked to see Duke’s 18-year-old superstar, Zion Williamson — here’s why he’s been dubbed one of the ‘...

At just 18 years old, Zion Williamson has become the biggest star in college basketball, thanks to his size, athleticism, and jaw-dropping dunks.

The season is already over for 11 NBA teams, and 1 team is in the lead for the race to the bottom

The NBA playoff race is over for 10 teams, and now the jostling for the best lottery odds begins with a month remaining in the season.
Most people believe Michael Jordan is the GOAT, not LeBron James.

Most Americans think Michael Jordan is the ‘GOAT’ over LeBron James, and it’s not even close

A new INSIDER poll suggests the "GOAT" debate is not much of a debate at all, with the vast majority picking Michael Jordan over LeBron James.
Buddy Hield and De'Aaron Fox are leading the Kings' surprising season.

How a training camp so brutal that players were throwing up helped set the stage for the most surprising season in the NBA

The Sacramento Kings have had a season nobody saw coming and are in the playoff mix. It all stems back to a training camp that set them up for success.

Russell Westbrook threatened a fan and his wife in an ugly confrontation after the fan allegedly yelled a ‘racial’ comment at Westbrook

Russell Westbrook said Jazz fan Shane Keisel told him to "get on your knees like you're used to," provoking an inappropriate response from the Thunder guard.

There are signs the Knicks are for sale, but a unique problem could hold up an ownership change and make it hard for a buyer to find enough money

The Knicks are valued at $4 billion. If James Dolan wants to sell the team, the high price could actually become a logistical problem for interested buyers.

Knicks owner James Dolan is getting roasted for threatening a fan who told him to sell the team, and now a senator is involved

Knicks owner James Dolan might want to think twice the next time he considers confronting a fan he disagrees with.
Steve Kerr was caught on camera admonishing Draymond Green during the Warriors loss to the Suns on Sunday.

Steve Kerr appeared to get caught on camera saying he is ‘f—ing tired of Draymond’s s—‘ during an embarrassing home loss...

Watch Steve Kerr get caught on camera admonishing Draymond Green during the Warriors loss to the Suns on Sunday.
Life imitates art.

Derrick Jones jumped so high to score a basket that he ended up looking like the Air Jordan logo

Miami Heat player Derrick Jones Jr scored in such theatrical style he looked like the "Jumpman" in Nike's iconic Air Jordan logo.