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Necker Island proves that luxury doesn't have to be stuffy.

I spent a day on Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean. It was as spectacular as you can imagine.

Make no mistake: After spending time on Necker Island, you will be forever ruined, but it'll be in the best way possible.
The island sustained "extensive damage" from Hurricane Irma.

Richard Branson’s Necker Island is back in business a year after Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc and new photos show the private island looking mor...

Necker Island was closed for reconstruction after Hurricane Irma inflicted "extensive damage." Here's what Richard Branson's island looks like now.

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Former president Barack Obama and his family took a number of trips after leaving the White House at the beginning of 2017. Here's where they went.

Tour Richard Branson’s private island where he and his team rode out Hurricane Irma

Richard Branson decided to stay on Necker Island during Hurricane Irma. Here's what the resort looked like in less stormy times.

Here’s everywhere Obama has traveled since leaving the White House

This includes several holidays with his wife, Michelle.

Richard Branson reveals he bought his island paradise to impress his future wife

In an attempt to impress a girl he liked, Richard Branson visited Necker Island for the first time in 1978.