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President Trump has ramped up calls for negative interest rates. Here’s what they are, and why they matter.

The European Central Bank cut interest rates below zero for the first time in 2014 following the region's debt crisis.

Some investors fear negative-yielding debt more than the inverted yield curve. Here’s why.

Negative yields "could be the direction in which we're heading," Ed Yardeni, chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research told Markets Insider.
Jyske Bank will apply a negative interest rate to the account of anyone with more than $1.1 million in deposits.

A Danish bank is launching a 0.6% negative interest rate on its savings accounts for millionaires

Customers of Jyske Bank who have deposits over 7.5 million Danish krone ($1.1 million) will see their savings decline by 0.6% a year, at least $6,600.
It's basically free money right?

A Danish bank is offering mortgages at a 0.5% negative interest rate — meaning it is basically paying people to borrow money

Denmark's third-largest bank said this week that customers will now be able to take out a 10-year fixed rate mortgage with an interest rate of -0.5%.
Europe is 16% more expensive than it used to be.

How Europeans’ household net worth is ‘now exclusively driven’ by negative interest rates

The cheaper you make mortgages — via negative interest rates — the more house prices go up as the supply of buyers enjoying easy cash increases.

MORGAN STANLEY: Here’s how the rise of cryptocurrencies could change the way central banks deal with future financial crises

Central banks are exploring the usage and creation of digital currencies following a boom in popularity of the likes of bitcoin. While no central bank has yet issued their own cryptocurrency, many are close to doing so.

FORGET BITCOIN: An $8 trillion bubble in global markets is waiting to pop

It's all the government debt that still yields negative eight years after the financial crisis.

Mark Carney’s toughest new temptation: You *can* print money without triggering runaway inflation

In theory, we should be in Zimbabwe territory by now — paying for sandwiches with bricks of worthless cash. But inflation in the UK is only 2.7%.

Interest rates are rising in the US, but in other places they’re still below zero — here’s what that means

A negative interest rate occurs when a lender pays someone to borrow its money. One expert tells Business Insider that concept used to be "absolutely unthinkable."

Incendiary Trump adviser Steve Bannon thinks negative interest rates are ‘the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything’

Steve Bannon thinks negative interest rates will help America rebuild, despite the fact that the US does not have negative interest rates.