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4 British soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of being neo-Nazi terrorists

Police announced that they took four soldiers into custody on suspicion of being part of the far-right National Action group.

A former white supremacist has a potentially unpopular message for how to stop extremist movements

Violence is likely to do more harm than good, says Christian Picciolini.

‘He messed up … it was wrong’: Paul Ryan nails Trump over response to Charlottesville

Ryan said Trump and everyone else needs to do more to fight racism and anti-Semitism.

Internet rights group slams Google and GoDaddy’s ‘dangerous’ decision to ban a neo-Nazi site

The Electronic Frontier Foundation issue a blistering statement yesterday slamming the domain gatekeepers for using their power to silence speech.

Former CIA director: Trump puts US national security at ‘grave risk’ with Charlottesville comments

Former CIA director John Brennan said Trump's comments on Charlottesville are "putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk."

White supremacists are casting themselves as police victims in the wake of Charlottesville

'They refused to police areas that should have been policed,' white nationalist Richard Spencer told reporters.

Trump complains the media ‘will never be satisfied’ after his ‘additional remarks’ on Charlottesville

The tweet came as Trump announced he was headed to New York City for meetings, where several protests have been planned for his homecoming.

An anti-Nazi film warning Americans not to fall for fascists is going viral after Charlottesville

A short, anti-Nazi film titled "Don't Be A Sucker" has reemerged after this past weekend's deadly white-supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Neo-nazis and white supremacists are celebrating Trump’s remarks about the Charlottesville riots

Several prominent white nationalists and neo-Nazis praised Trump's comments

Meet the cocaine-addled, Hitler-obsessed drug smuggler who tried to take down Pablo Escobar

He helped built the Medellin cartel into a powerhouse, but his megalomania led his allies to turn on him.