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Tom Brady is reportedly working out with his health guru, and the location looks like a resounding message to the team

Tom Brady has reportedly been working out with Alex Guerrero at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center during Patriots OTAs. The gym is located just a short walk away from where the rest of the team is practicing, but Brady hasn't shown up.

Tom Brady is skipping the workouts he once praised as critical to the Patriots’ season

Tom Brady has previously praised OTAs as important for "laying the foundation" for a good season. While it's not crucial that Brady is skipping OTAs this season, it's noteworthy that it comes in the middle of a reported ongoing rift with the team.
Tom Brady has been one of the faces of the NFL since being drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000.

Tom Brady has missed the start of Patriots OTAs and it’s raising eyebrows around the NFL

Tom Brady normally attends the start of the Patriots' voluntary OTAs, so his decision to skip the start of them this year will only add to the rumors of tension between Brady and the organization and further the speculation that he is considering retirement.

Eagles player says Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft trash-talked the Eagles before the Super Bowl and it fueled his team

Lane Johnson grew tired of hearing about the Patriots exploits and said the team was fueled by Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft "talking s---" to the Eagles owner and coaching staff before the Super Bowl.

The Patriots reportedly flirted with the idea of a massive trade up to the second pick to get Baker Mayfield

The Patriots liked Baker Mayfield and had the assets to pull off a big trade for the second pick in the draft. However, Mayfield went No. 1 overall and the Patriots stood pat with the 23rd and 31st picks,.

Tom Brady offered his strongest hint yet at tension on the Patriots by choosing to ‘plead the Fifth’ when asked if he feels appreciated by...

Tom Brady said everyone could feel more appreciated in their professional lives. Brady said he's trying to learn to make himself happy rather than earning the approval of others.

Bill Belichick’s draft philosophy is quite simple and it shows that most teams probably overthink the process

A lot of the Patriots' draft success can be attributed to consistently nailing their picks and yet most teams probably overthink the process.
After some rumors out of Patriots camp briefly cast doubts on his 2018 season, agent Don Yee comes out to say that Tom Brady will be back with the Patriots.

It looks more and more like Tom Brady has no intention of retiring before the 2018 season

After some rumors out of Patriots camp briefly cast doubts on his 2018 season, agent Don Yee comes out to say that Tom Brady will be back with the Patriots.

The Patriots are going through their most turbulent offseason in years, and the hits are coming from all angles

Between questions around Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski's futures and free agency turnover, the Patriots offseason has been messier than usual.

As Tom Brady has gotten older, his values no longer align with Bill Belichick, and it could be the source of the team’s tension

As he's gotten older, Tom Brady may be getting tired of Belichick's coaching style, and turning other Patriots against Belichick as well.