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Jeff Bezos just gave a private talk in New York. From utopian space colonies to dissing Elon Musk’s Martian dream, here are the most notable thi...

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, his rocket company, gave an interview in New York City for a room full of who's who in aviation.
SpaceShipTwo, or VSS Unity, launches toward the edge of space for the second time on February 22, 2018.

Virgin Galactic just rocketed its first woman past the edge of space — but Jeff Bezos says its astronauts have ‘asterisks’ next to t...

Richard Branson's space tourism company launched its first woman and non-pilot nearly 56 miles high. Jeff Bezos says that's shy of the edge of space.
The New Shepard rocket and capsule blasts off in this handout photo provided by Blue Origin, from a launch site in West Texas April 2, 2016.

Jeff Bezos’s rocket company Blue Origin pushed the reusable New Shepard rocket to its limits — and it went flawlessly

Blue Origin is testing its New Shepard rocket for the ninth time. The test will simulate an emergency high altitude "escape motor" test. Watch it here.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket successfully lifts off and lands back on the ground in textbook test flight

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' private rocket company, launched the New Shepard's rockets eighth test flight from West Texas on Sunday. It was the second time they were reusing the rocket, and the second time they had commercial customers' payload onboard.
"Mannequin Skywalker" in space strapped into Blu Origin's New Shepard rocket.

Watch the full 11-minute video of Jeff Bezos’ rocket company shooting a dummy into space and returning it to Earth

Watch Mannequin Skywalker go into space, courtesy of Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin.
Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket system launches in West Texas on December 12, 2017.

Jeff Bezos just launched a dummy called ‘Mannequin Skywalker’ into space and safely returned it to Earth

Video and photos of Blue Origin's test launch on Tuesday show the New Shepard rocket launching, deploying its Crew Capsule 2.0, and safely landing.