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New York City skyline.

NYC rents just hit a 3-year high, and the city’s prices are pushing everyone from millennials to wealthy Wall Street bankers away

New York City is the second-most expensive place to rent in the US, with one-bedroom apartments costing an average of $2,980.
Bernard and Lisa Selz have donated millions to anti-vax organizations.

Meet Bernard and Lisa Selz, the wealthy New York City couple who has donated millions to the anti-vax movement

Their donations were used to partially fund "Vaxxed," a documentary that relied on pseudoscience to question the safety of vaccines.
Tribeca is the city's richest ZIP code, with an average income of $879,000 and a median home price of $3.8 million.

I toured 2 of NYC’s most notoriously expensive areas for real estate, and they offered a very different look at the city’s wealth

Billionaires' Row is full of super-tall skyscrapers with empty penthouses, while Tribeca's low-rise lofts are more integrated with the trendy neighborhood.

16 New York City-based startups that are changing the way we shop for clothes

While influenced by New York City's rich fashion history, 16 startups are also challenging the traditional ways we think about and shop for clothing.
Thomas Gilbert, Jr. appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday, January 9, 2015.

Prosecutors are accusing a 34-year-old Princeton grad of killing his own father for cutting his allowance to $300 a week

Thomas Gilbert Jr.'s defense attorney has argued that Gilbert was not responsible for his actions, due to a number of mental illnesses.
It takes a lot of money to live comfortably in New York City.

13 mind-blowing facts that show just how expensive New York City really is

In NYC, private preschools can cost more than $50,000, the typical rent is twice what it is nationally, and homebuyers are living in basements.
The average income in Tribeca is $879,000.

I spent an afternoon in NYC’s richest ZIP code, where celebs live in a ‘paparazzi-proof’ building and the average income is $879,000...

Tribeca has the richest ZIP code in New York City. The average income in the neighborhood is $879,000, and the median home price is $3.8 million.
A New York City café is serving up Butterbeer lattes.

A new ‘Harry Potter’-inspired café in New York serves Butterbeer coffee in a magical setting

INSIDER got the chance to tour Steamy Hallows and try two of its most popular and Instagram-worthy drinks.
Jon Stewart delivered an emotional monologue on the 9/11 attacks on September 20, 2001.

Jon Stewart’s powerful 9/11 monologue from 2001 is going viral again after he slammed Congress for failing to help first responders

Over the course of nearly nine minutes, Stewart fought back tears as he explained why he did not give into despair after the attacks.

New York City’s vibrant esports scene convinced this multimillion dollar team to launch a new organization dedicated to its local gaming culture...

Andbox is a new esports organization founded by the same ownership group that operates the New York Mets, Sterling.VC.