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Two big NFL trades may have given us our clearest look yet at how the top of the draft will play out

The Giants' and Jets' big trades could shake up how the top of the draft plays out, setting up a possible scramble for quarterbacks.
It cost the Redskins a fortune to trade up for Robert Griffin III in 2012, a deal that didn't work out well for Washington.

Trading up in the NFL Draft for a QB is a huge risk — here’s how it has worked in the past

Trading up in the NFL Draft is can be a costly endeavor — but for the teams that it works out for, it's well worth the investment.
Teddy Bridgewater in action for the Vikings.

Quarterback who suffered gruesome knee injury signed what looks like a brutal contract with the Jets

Teddy Bridgewater's injury has cost him two seasons and, now, probably millions of dollars as well.
The New York Jets will hopefully get their quarterback of the future with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.

The Jets traded a king’s ransom worth of picks to move up 3 spots in the NFL Draft — and experts are split on the move

The New York Jets sent a boatload of picks to the Colts in order to move into position to select a quarterback with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.
Kirk Cousins is set to sign one of the biggest deals in NFL history this offseason.

There is speculation in the NFL world that the Jets could offer Kirk Cousins a mind-boggling contract that could pay him $60 million in 2018 alone

The Jets could offer Kirk Cousins $60 million guaranteed in the first year of a deal with the free agent quarterback — and it might actually be a good idea.

Breakout Jets receiver arrested and charged with going 60 miles over speed limit and eluding police, reportedly made sexual threats about police offic...

Robby Anderson faces nine chargers after being arrested in Southern Florida early Friday morning.

New York Jets open game with perfectly executed surprise onside kick

The New York Jets don't have much to play for this season, but that didn't stop them from starting off with a bit of trickery on Sunday.
Jesse James' touchdown was later ruled incomplete, giving the Patriots a chance to come back against the Steelers.

The NFL has a rule worse than the catch rule and there is a simple way to fix it

Teams are fumbling out of the end zone for turnovers at an unprecedented rate this season, at it's time to do something about it.