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Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s office attacked The New York Times and The Washington Post for ‘inaccurately’ reporting on his investigation

The special counsel called out what it said was inaccurate reporting on the Russia investigation in a new court filing regarding potential jurors in the coming trial against Paul Manafort in Virginia. Prosecutors want to give jurors a 19-page questionnaire to examine them for pretrial biases.
Fox News host Sean Hannity interviews then-candidate Donald Trump.

These are the most and least biased news outlets in the US, according to Americans

Americans believe that 62% of the news they consume on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio — and 80% of the news they see on social media — is biased, according to two new surveys.

A senior White House aide is reportedly sharing fake stories with staffers to identify who’s leaking to the press

A senior White House official is feeding staffers inaccurate stories to try to identify who is leaking to the press, according to a New York Times report. Trump's administration has been stung by a recent string of leaks.

San Francisco is losing more residents than any other city in the US, creating a shortage of U-Hauls that puts a rental at $2,000 just to move to Las ...

The sky-high rent and cost of living that we’ve come to expect from the Bay Area might have finally taken their toll on a large number of residents.

The New York Times corrected its estimate of the crowd size at a Trump rally after Trump complained

After President Donald Trump called out The New York Times for incorrectly estimating the crowd-size of a rally in Tennessee, the paper made the correction and responded by saying, "When we get it wrong, we say so."
The New York Times is the subject of a new Showtime series.

A new documentary series captures The New York Times reporting on Trump in the age of ‘Fake News’

A new documentary series premieres Sunday night that follows top political reporters and editors from The New York Times as they report in the first year of the press-opposed landscape of President Donald Trump's administration.
A female Palestinian demonstrator gestures during a protest against the US embassy move to Jerusalem and ahead of the 70th anniversary of Nakba, at the Israel-Gaza border, east of Gaza City May 14, 2018.

The internet is offended at The New York Times’ description of deaths and violence amid protests on the Gaza border

"'Have died.' Shame on you," director Judd Apatow said in a tweet that has since gone viral. "This is like calling Trump's lies 'factual inaccuracies.' Please tell me an intern is running your twitter feed.'"
Keyless cars can become dangerous when drivers exit their cars without realizing they're running.

Keyless cars have a dangerous downside that has killed dozens of people

According to a New York Times report, there have been at least 28 deaths and 45 injuries caused by carbon monoxide emitted from vehicles with keyless ignitions since 2006. Some of the deaths have resulted from drivers exiting their cars without realizing they're running.
The New York Times headquarters.

The New York Times made a cringeworthy mistake that says it all about how the media misrepresents the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Opinion: The New York Times corrected a mistake they printed about Palestinian terror. That the mistake survived the editorial process is representative of deeper problems at the paper.
The New York Times headquarters.

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial calling on Republicans to stand up to Trump

The New York Times used a full page to print an editorial on Sunday to call on Republicans to stand up to President Donald Trump.