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Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in Cambridge, Massachusetts in September 2004.

The former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair is said to have found a dead cat’s head outside his home after the magazine began pursuing a story abo...

NPR has dug into allegations that Jeffrey Epstein used intimidation tactics to stop stories that covered allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Trump mocked a New York Times editor for being demoted, blasting his reporting as ‘totally biased and inaccurate’ — but he was demot...

Weisman was demoted after inflammatory tweets claiming two nonwhite members of Congress from Minneapolis and Detriot weren't really from the Midwest.

Jeffrey Epstein was meeting with Silicon Valley reporters before his arrest, ‘rambling’ about all the people he knew in tech

Jeffrey Epstein spoke with reporters for The New York Times and The Information in the weeks before his arrest, suggesting a strategy to rehabilitate his image.
Brides, and women in general, face unfair scrutiny about their bodies.

A New York Times article about the perfect workout for every ‘wedding dress silhouette’ sparked internet outrage, and health experts agree...

Even after the paper changed its headline and deleted sections of the story, fitness and mental health professionals found it problematic.
Nicolas Cage is famous for his roles in films like "National Treasure" and "Leaving Las Vegas."

Nicolas Cage says he was once on a quest for the Holy Grail that was like something out of ‘National Treasure’

The "National Treasure" actor also revealed he once paid $276,000 for a dinosaur skull that was illegally obtained, though he later returned it.
The New York Times' first edition on Tuesday bearing the widely-condemned headline.

2020 Democrats attack New York Times for headline giving Trump an easy ride on his response to mass shootings

Beto O'Rourke, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Kirsten Gillibrand slammed the front-page headline, which The Times changed in a later edition.
Palantir Chairman Peter Thiel sharply criticized Google in an editorial without disclosing that he works with two of its rivals.

Peter Thiel slammed Google in a scathing New York Times op-ed, but failed to mention that he works for and invests in the search giant’s rivals

The New York Times let Peter Thiel sound off on Google without mentioning that he's on the board of two of its competitors — Facebook and Palantir.
The United Airlines slogan, which debuted in 1965.

From ‘Got milk?’ to ‘Where’s the beef?’, here are 15 of the best slogans and taglines in advertising history

Just do it: The most memorable slogans of all time not only sell the brand, but become synonymous with it.
Tiles patterns are named after cities. Left to right: "Kuala Lumpur," "Lisbon," and "New Haven."

The New York Times’ crosswords group wanted to reach non-native English speakers. The result is the free ‘Tiles’ game and it’s...

The serene and accessible pattern matching game is the zen cousin of the New York Times crossword puzzle.
The New York Times headquarters.

The co-author of a bombshell NYT story about Joe Biden’s ties to Ukraine just became the Ukrainian president’s new spokesperson

The story was published on May 1, but Iuliia Mendel didn't inform The New York Times about her conflict of interest until last week.