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A Korean restaurant was swamped with one-star Yelp reviews from BTS fans after its owner said another K-pop band was better

BTS dined at the New York barbecue chain, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, on Tuesday, and co-owner Bobby Kwak posted a video of their visit on his Instagram.
Isaiah Caravalho cooperated with investigators before they arrested his estranged wife.

Man says he’s in ‘shock’ after his estranged wife, who’s an NYPD cop, was arrested on charges of hiring a hit man to kill him

In an interview that aired on "Good Morning America" Wednesday, Isaiah Caravalho said there was nothing to suggest his wife wanted him dead.
A New York City subway car turned into a coral reef.

10 other-worldly photos that capture the surprisingly complicated process of turning New York subway cars into coral reefs

Over the course of two years, photographer Stephen Mallon captured the complicated process of turning New York City subway cars into coral reefs.
Donald Trump.

New York just passed a law that would allow Congress to get Trump’s taxes

Because New York is President Trump's home state, his state tax return is likely to contain much of the same information as his federal returns.
Doctor giving a vaccine to a patient

The anti-vaxx movement is fueling the measles epidemic by deliberately targeting communities most affected by the disease

Hundreds of people, mostly ultra-Othodox Jews, gathered at a rally in New York last week to listen as speakers ticked off false claims about vaccines.
President Donald Trump in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on March 25, 2019.

New York is poised to pass 2 bills that would make it easier for Congress to get Trump’s taxes and weaken his pardon power

One bill makes it easier for Congress to get Trump's state taxes, and the other curbs the effect of his pardon power in New York.
The measles virus.

Despite proposed fines for anti-vaxxers in Germany and New York, vaccine exemption bills may be on the rise

Germany and New York recently introduced bills to fine people who fail to vaccinate. But policies that let people forgo vaccinations may be on the rise.
Shane Piche

A New York judge gave no jail time to a man who admitted he raped a teenage girl

A bus driver who admitted to raping a teenage girl on his bus route was not given any jail time, according to the New York judge who decided the case.

Amazon announces its Virginia headquarters will hire its first employees while taking a subtle jab at the New York HQ2 debacle

Amazon is moving fast with its Virginia HQ2 project, citing support from the local community and state and local politicians.

Nine men were arrested for $3.5 million email scams that promised romantic relationships and Russian oil investment opportunities

Nine men have been arrested in three different states in connection to a series of email scams that allegedly earned them $3.5 million.