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An abandoned railway in Karangahake, New Zealand.

I hiked through a creepy abandoned gold mine in New Zealand and lived to tell the tale. Take a look inside.

Karangahake Gorge Historic Walkway in Karangahake, New Zealand, follows an old railway line with access to an abandoned gold mine. Bring a flashlight.
Green MP Chloe Swarbrick speaking about the (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill on Tuesday in New Zealand's parliament.

Watch the moment a millennial MP in New Zealand shut down a heckling colleague with a well-placed ‘OK, boomer’

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick made the comment after she was interrupted while discussing the (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill in the New Zealand Parliament.
The Kiwi Space Radar is located in the Central Otago region of the south island of New Zealand.

A new radar system will track 250,000 tiny pieces of space junk. It may help prevent snowballing collisions that could cut off our access to orbit.

Tracking tiny bits of debris in space could help us avoid a potential disaster known as a Kessler event.
A partially-censored video posted on social media showing screens above the ASICS store in Auckland broadcasting porn on Sunday morning.

A flagship ASICS store in New Zealand played porn on its storefront screens for 9 hours after it got hacked

ASICS New Zealand apologised on Facebook on Sunday after pornography was played on its giant TV screens on Auckland's Queen Street.
University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

A college student in New Zealand died in his dorm room and it took nearly two months for anyone to notice

The man was a first-year student at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His body was found in a dorm room in Christchurch on Monday night.
A vegan protester stands in front of the supermarket's meat aisle.

Vegan protestors scream as shoppers buy meat at a New Zealand supermarket: ‘It’s not food, it’s violence’

Security later escorted the vegan activists out of the supermarket as they chanted "no excuse for animal abuse" into megaphones.

Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke says ‘hell yes’ he will forcefully take back assault weapons from Americans — here are 5 co...

While no country is a pure analog for America, its peers have taken massive, successive steps to driving down killings, like destroying guns in bulk.
Tourists in the water with bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand while taking part in the swimming with dolphins experience.

New Zealand bans tourists from swimming with dolphins in a popular holiday spot in order to protect the species from being ‘loved’ into ex...

The population of bottlenose dolphins in the popular Bay of Islands has declined because humans have been "loving the dolphins too much."
An artistic reconstruction of the extinct giant parrot Heracles inexpectatus.

A carnivorous 3-foot-tall parrot that scientists nicknamed ‘Squawkzilla’ lived over 15 million years ago in New Zealand

The world's largest parrot lived 19 million years ago in New Zealand. Paleontologists have named the 3-foot-tall, 15-pound bird "Squawkzilla."

Asia falls while global stocks gain amid ‘ominous’ trade-war jitters and shock central-bank easing

New Zealand and India on Wednesday made bigger-than-expected rate cuts. "Everyone's trying to pick a side," one analyst said.