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Staff at Gatwick Airport had to write out flight departure information on whiteboards after the screens stopped working.

Flight information at the UK’s 2nd-largest airport is being displayed on whiteboards because all the screens broke

All the screens at Gatwick Airport stopped working on Monday due to an IT failure. Airport staff had to write out flight information on whiteboards instead. A 'handful' of people missed their flights, but tens of thousands made it on time despite the inconvenience.
Sacha Baron Cohen and Howard Dean on "Who is America?"

Sacha Baron Cohen tried, and failed, to convince a former presidential candidate of a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is secretly a man

Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate, was the latest target on Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical show "Who is America?" Cohen, posing as a conspiracy theorist, tried to get Dean to comment on rumors that Hillary Clinton is a man.
Recaptured drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is escorted by soldiers at the hangar belonging to the office of the Attorney General in Mexico City.

The Brooklyn Bridge is stuck in a traffic nightmare because of infamous drug kingpin El Chapo

The Brooklyn Bridge has on occasion been totally shut down — apparently so that drug king-pin El Chapo can be ferried safely between prison in Manhattan and court in Brooklyn. The huge security operation around El Chapo — who has repeatedly busted out of jail — necessitates closing the whole bridge.
Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Barging into your home, threatening your family, or making you disappear: Here’s what China does to people who speak out against them

In the past few years alone, the Chinese Communist Party has attempted to muzzle critics by making them disappear without a trace, barging into their houses to stop them from talking to other people, and detaining their families. Take a look at their playbook.
Indonesian police practicing counter-terror operations this week.

Indonesia reportedly gunned down 31 people to reduce street crime ahead of the Asian Games

Amnesty International said that officers in the host cities of Jakarta and South Sumatra had shot dead 31 people during months of operations tied to the atheltics competition.
Cakes from the Taipei branch of 85°C Bakery Cafe, which came under fire for serving Taiwan's president this week.

China is waging war against a cafe because it served coffee to Taiwan’s president

85°C Bakery Cafe has endured attacks by China's state media and citizens, had its products taken off mainland Chinese delivery platforms, and seen its stock price plummet because its Los Angeles branch served coffee to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen last Sunday.
Miniature horses are formally recognised as service animals in the US.

Southwest Airlines is formally allowing miniature horses on its planes as service animals

In a policy update this week, Southwest said that three kinds of animal will be allowed on board: dogs, cats, and small horses. The new policy means the airline won't let passengers fly with insects, spiders, rabbits, ferrets, or rodents, which some people have attempted to take in the past.

A Chinese plane that crash-landed in the Philippines lost an engine and a wheel before skidding to a halt

A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 veered off the runway, losing its left engine and wheel before skidding to a halt at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Thursday night. The plane crash-landed during heavy rain and poor visibility on the runway.

‘Not the enemy’: More than 350 newsrooms in the US have banded together to push back against Trump’s war on the media

Hundreds of newspapers in the US published editorials condemning Trump's attacks on the media, a joint effort coordinated by the Boston Globe. The pushback is a response to Trump's repeated criticism of 'fake news' and branding the media industry the 'enemy of the people.'
A before and after image of the bridge, BI.

630 people who live near the collapsed bridge in Italy have been evacuated in case the rest of it falls down

Hundreds of people have been moved away from the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, which collapsed on Tuesday, in case there is more destruction to come. Italian authorities have moved 630 people from their homes in case more sections follow.