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A still of a Twitter video that shows black tap water in San Diego, northern Venezuela, on Wednesday.

People in Venezuela are sharing videos of taps running with black water after a crippling 1-week power outage

Residents of San Diego, Carabobo, filmed the water and jokingly referred to it as "oil." Venezuela is entering the seventh day of a major blackout.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks during the IV Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Summit in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia on November 24, 2017.

Protesters reportedly set aid trucks along the Venezuela-Colombia border on fire after US government officials thought Maduro was responsible

A new report and footage from The New York suggest that a protester, not Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro, was behind last month's chaos at the Venezuela-Colombia border.
Guaidó, Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez, and US Vice President Mike Pence meet at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Bogota, Colombia. on February 25, 2019.

Juan Guaidó is heading back to Venezuela after a 10-day exile — despite threats of arrest and 30 years in jail if he crosses the border

Guaidó defied a government-imposed travel ban to meet with Latin American leaders who support his opposition to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The ‘king-maker’ keeping Nicolas Maduro in power is starting to crack — here’s why Venezuela’s soldiers are breaking ran...

Thousands of Venezuelan troops have deserted in recent years, but the pace of defections is picking up — here's why some soldiers are breaking ranks.
A member of Venezuela's Bolivarian National Armed Forces, who defected to Colombia, waves at her relatives on the Venezuelan side while being escorted by Colombian police in Cucuta on February 23, 2019.

567 Venezuelan soldiers defected to Colombia, and it could be a sign that Maduro’s once rock-solid power base is starting to crumble

The Venezuelan military is an important power base for Maduro, and one that his opponent Juan Guaidó has been trying to grab hold of.
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro discussed plans for Venezuela's upcoming Carnaval celebrations on Wednesday while the country continues to crumble.

Nicolás Maduro posted a 40-minute livestream about his plans for celebrating Carnaval as Venezuela continues to collapse

Venezuela's president discussed plans for a massive carnival less than a week after at least two people died from violent protests.

Bernie Sanders won’t call Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro a dictator as he decries history of US interventions in Latin America

"I think we’ve got to do everything we can to create a democratic climate, but I do not believe in US military intervention," Sanders said.
Bernie Sanders, then a Democratic presidential candidate, speaks at a rally at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 2016.

Bernie Sanders slams Trump for sticking by Saudi Arabia, but applauds his dialogue with Kim Jong Un

"I think the idea of going and meeting face-to-face with your adversaries is a good idea," Sanders said.

Photos show chaos in Venezuela as protesters and soldiers clash over humanitarian aid shipments

On Saturday, chaos erupted at Venezuela's borders as President Nicolas Maduro's rivals tried to force humanitarian aid across the border.
A map showing where Branson plans to stage his concert to raise money for Venezuela.

Nicolás Maduro is waging a bizarre contest with Richard Branson to see who can stage the best pop concert — as Venezuela crumbles

Branson is planning a huge concert just outside Venezuela to raise money for the crisis-hit country. Maduro responded by announcing a rival concert.