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A major new ‘core’ Pokemon game is being made for Nintendo Switch — here’s everything we know so far

Nintendo is working on a brand new "Pokémon" game for the Nintendo Switch.

These affordable skins are the best way to make your smartphone, computer, or game console stand out — here’s how they work

Dbrand makes great-looking customizable skins for your smartphone, computer, or game console, and ships them anywhere in the world. They don't add any bulk to your device, but they do bestow some nice benefits, like making them grippier to hold, and preventing scratches and fingerprints.

These 10 big games just leaked ahead of the biggest gaming event of the year

'Gears of War 5,' a new Xbox controller, and a ton of other huge announcements have already leaked from this year's big video game show.

Why isn’t Fortnite, the world’s most popular game, on Nintendo’s Switch?

"Fortnite" is available on every game console, most computers, and even Apple's iPhone/iPad. Bizarrely, it remains absent from the hottest game console of the moment: Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is getting in its own way by not putting its classic games store on the Switch — something fans have been craving for over a year

Defying expectation and logic, Nintendo isn't putting its Virtual Console classic games store on the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch online service costs $20/year, granting access to classic games and long-awaited new features

When Nintendo Switch Online lights up this September, you can pay $20/year for access to part of Nintendo's classic gaming library.

The PlayStation 4 is still outselling every other console, including Nintendo’s red-hot Switch

Don't get it twisted: Sony's PlayStation 4 is the runaway success story of this console generation.

Nintendo is the ‘cheapest game stock in the world’

Nintendo is the 'cheapest game stock in the world' according to Jefferies. There might be upside as Pokemon Switch may be released and a new president debuts.
Super Mario Odyssey" officially launches on October 27...unless you can find it earlier.

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest game system right now — here are its 18 best games

Nintendo's newest game console is positively rife with killer games.
This is one of several "Toy-Con" creations that can be built with the starter set of Nintendo Labo.

I built and played Nintendo’s next big thing, Nintendo Labo — and it was a surprisingly brilliant learning tool

Nintendo's next big thing is smart, ambitious, and made of cardboard — and it's launching Friday, April 20th.