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Tesla is offering owners a free trial of its semi-autonomous Autopilot feature.

A self-driving car expert describes the biggest problem with semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super C...

Semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla's Autopilot rely on unrealistic expectations about human behavior, said Duke professor Mary Cummings.

Cadillac beats out Tesla for best semiautonomous driving system, according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports tested four semiautonomous driver-assistance systems and rated Cadillac's Super Cruise as the best. The publication ranked Tesla's Autopilot second, Nissan's ProPilot Assist third, and Volvo's Pilot Assist fourth.

Nissan’s newest car has one feature that could chip away Tesla’s dominance

Nissan's ProPilot Assist is the biggest addition to the 2018 Leaf — and it's not the only tech savvy feature the automaker has in store for future vehicles.

I tried Nissan’s challenger to Tesla Autopilot — and it was a dream to use in traffic

Nissan is releasing its ProPilot Assist in 2018 to take the stress out of highway driving. Here's what it's like to use the advanced cruise control system.

Nissan is releasing its Tesla Autopilot rival in 2018 — here’s what it’s like to use

Nissan's ProPilot Assist will introduce brand new semi-autonomous features to the Leaf and future vehicles. Here's what to expect.