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The City of London is raising the odds that Brexit won’t actually happen

Both JPMorgan and Nomura say their outlook has shifted, and now see the prospect of staying in the EU as having about a 40% chance.
Hilary Benn MP.

Pro-EU MPs plot amendment to take over Brexit talks as Theresa May refuses to back down

A cross-party group of MPs have tabled an amendment which would give MPs control over the Brexit process if Theresa May's deal is voted down.

Theresa May will trigger no-deal plans unless there is a Brexit deal this week

A lack of progress in Brexit talks over the Irish backstop means Prime Minister Theresa May will be forced to trigger no deal plans this week.

Theresa May’s government told leading medics UK can’t rule out medicine shortages in a no-deal Brexit

Exclusive: The Brexit department told pharmaceutical and medical representatives that they couldn't rule out medicine shortages in a no deal Brexit.

A star investor of ‘The Big Short’ is shorting UK stocks with bets on a no-deal Brexit

Steve Eisman is known for betting against the US housing market before the subprime-mortgage crisis. He was played by Steve Carell in 'The Big Short.'

Australia is the latest country whose banks are planning to abandon London as Brexit looms

Australia's largest bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia is moving 50 staff to Amsterdam as it readies for Brexit.
British prime minister Theresa May

4 ways a no-deal Brexit would make life harder

The UK government on Friday published its final tranche of notices on how a no-deal Brexit would affect British households and businesses. They cover everything from trade deals to potential electricity shortages.

Britain could be forced to increase government spending in a no-deal Brexit, IMF says

In a report released ahead of the IMF's annual conference, this year held on the Indonesian island of Bali, the fund said that "the pace of fiscal consolidation can be eased if risks materialise and growth slows sharply."
Theresa May is heading towards a no-deal Brexit

How a no-deal Brexit could cripple Britain

Britain will exit the EU in just over six months, and ministers insist that leaving without a deal is a possibility. That scenario would threaten entire sectors of the UK economy.
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has a lot to think about.

‘As catastrophic as the financial crisis’: Here’s what Mark Carney warned politicians will happen to the UK economy after a no deal ...

On Thursday, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney privately warned the government of the potentially dire economic consequences of a no deal Brexit. Here are the most important points.