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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is inching closer to backing a Norway-style Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn is warming to the a so-called Norway-style exit from the European Union, according to supporters of the plan.

What is the Norway model?

Theresa May is under growing pressure to change course and pursue a Norway-style Brexit. Here's what that means.
Theresa May

Britain risks a long Brexit recession as negotiators struggle to secure a deal

UK and EU negotiators resumed Brexit talks amid warnings that no deal would plunge the UK into recession and leave EU citizens in legal limbo.

New poll finds the UK public increasingly want a soft Brexit

Support for a Norway-style Brexit has increased significantly among the British public, according to new research, which identified a broader shift of voters shifting their support towards a less hard exit deal.
Stephen Hammond MP.

These Conservative rebels believe support for a Norway-style soft Brexit is at a tipping point

Conservative MPs who are preparing to vote for Britain to remain in the EEA amendment believe alarm at the state of negotiations could tip the balance in favour of a soft Brexit.