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The best notebooks you can buy

A good paper notebook is indispensable to students, professionals, and artists alike. These are the best notebooks you can buy.

Apple just released the fastest Mac notebooks ever in Singapore – but even the cheaper model will set you back S$2,600

Apple's upgraded MacBook Pro notebooks pack quite a punch, but at a price.

It’s safe to buy a new MacBook laptop now that Apple has finally addressed the “butterfly” keyboard problems

Apple's new repair program gives you four years of free coverage if your Mac laptop's butterfly keyboard starts acting up.

Apple has updated the MacBook Air, but you still shouldn’t buy it

Apple has given the MacBook Air a small speed bump, but you still shouldn't let its comparatively low price make you think it's a good value.

Apple is updating the MacBook Air for the first time in years, but it’s a very minor boost

For the first time in more than 800 days, Apple is updating its popular-yet-aging MacBook Air laptop. But the upgrade is extremely slight.

Apple just updated its thinnest, lightest MacBook — here’s what’s new

Apple at WWDC announced an update to its 12-inch MacBook for the first time in over a year, giving the ultra-thin laptop a new Intel Kaby Lake processor.

The 11 best laptops of 2016

After a year's worth of testing, here are our favorite laptops you can buy right now, for shoppers in all price ranges.

If you can wait, you shouldn’t buy a Google Chromebook right now

Done right, a Chromebook can be an awesome value for a laptop buyer on a budget. This holiday season, though, no Chromebook maker is ticking all the boxes.

Don’t buy the MacBook Air

Apple has made it clear: If you want a good MacBook, you've got to pay up.

It sounds like Acer has built the best Chromebook yet

At least on paper, the Acer Chromebook R13 seems to have everything you'll want out of a Chromebook going forward.