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Plucking fruits from public trees could land you a S$50,000 fine, Lawrence Wong says

It's illegal - even if the fruit's already dropped to the ground.

PHOTOS: Despite the haze, ‘sakura’ are blooming all over Singapore

Feels like summer, looks like spring.

9 new gardens have been opened at Fort Canning Park, including one inspired by Stamford Raffles: Here’s a look inside

Bring insect repellent, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the beauty of these nine iconic gardens.

Gardens are being planted on top of Singapore’s public buses – here’s how they could help save the environment

The soil-less moving garden will be studied for three months to determine if bus operators can save on fuel consumption used for air-conditioning by reducing the interior temperatures of buses.

Sakura season, Singapore style: NParks just collated an amazing bunch of photos of cherry blossom lookalikes all over the island

With flowering trees and petal paths, Singapore is experiencing its very own sakura season – well, almost.

Lime juice at Adam Road and a visit to an ancestor’s memorial: How Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending time in Singapore

From visiting his great-great-great-great-grandmother's memorial plaque at Fort Canning Park, to dropping by Adam Road for lime juice.