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House of Seafood apologises over ‘crab claw’ machine, says wanted to encourage children to release crabs into ocean

"We have ‘gloves’ put onto the claws in the machine... to make sure that the claws will not injure or be painful to the crabs," House of Seafood said.

Plucking fruits from public trees could land you a S$50,000 fine, Lawrence Wong says

It's illegal - even if the fruit's already dropped to the ground.

PHOTOS: Despite the haze, ‘sakura’ are blooming all over Singapore

Feels like summer, looks like spring.

9 new gardens have been opened at Fort Canning Park, including one inspired by Stamford Raffles: Here’s a look inside

Bring insect repellent, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the beauty of these nine iconic gardens.

Gardens are being planted on top of Singapore’s public buses – here’s how they could help save the environment

The soil-less moving garden will be studied for three months to determine if bus operators can save on fuel consumption used for air-conditioning by reducing the interior temperatures of buses.

Sakura season, Singapore style: NParks just collated an amazing bunch of photos of cherry blossom lookalikes all over the island

With flowering trees and petal paths, Singapore is experiencing its very own sakura season – well, almost.

Lime juice at Adam Road and a visit to an ancestor’s memorial: How Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending time in Singapore

From visiting his great-great-great-great-grandmother's memorial plaque at Fort Canning Park, to dropping by Adam Road for lime juice.