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John Collison.

The youngest self-made billionaire on Earth says his success is less about his own brilliance and more about his employees — and luck

John Collison, a 27-year-old originally from Ireland, is the world's youngest self-made billionaire, worth an estimated $1 billion. He and his brother, Patrick, are the cofounders of Stripe, a $9.2 billion payments company they run out of San Francisco.
Patrick Collison.

The 29-year-old CEO of Stripe reveals what it’s really like running a $9.2 billion startup

Stripe, the payments company founded eight years ago by two Irish brothers, is now worth $9.2 billion. But its 29-year-old CEO, Patrick Collison, says running a successful startup doesn't get any easier.
David Sedaris, author of books including "Calypso."

Millions of readers love David Sedaris for his hilarious, poignant essays — but he says he’s just being himself

David Sedaris is an award-winning author and performer who's sold millions of books. Around the release of his latest, "Calypso," we discussed his career path and the value of not compromising on who you are.
Mom does not have to be kept in a box.

Looks like almost everything we thought we knew about the right way to raise kids could be wrong

Family and parenting look a lot different outside the US. An NPR article highlights multiple ways in which Americans are making childrearing more difficult for themselves.
Chief of Staff John Kelly mingles with reporters after President Donald Trump's remarks about prescription drug prices at the White House, May 11, 2018.

John Kelly walks back comment calling Trump ’embarrassed’ by Mueller investigation

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly clarified some of his comments from an NPR interview published Friday about the effect of an ongoing federal investigation on President Donald Trump's administration. Kelly said Trump was not "embarrassed" by the investigation, but rather "distracted."

John Kelly: Trump is ’embarrassed’ in meetings with world leaders about Russian investigation

President Donald Trump is "embarrassed" about the Russian probe by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to an NPR interview with Chief of Staff John Kelly.
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner listen to a translator through headphones at a White House event.

10 of the best podcasts that will make you smarter about politics

Given the high interest level of the public into keeping up with President Donald Trump, news organizations have plunged head-first into podcasts.
The New York Times headquarters.

Here’s how liberal or conservative consumers of major news outlets are

A new report found that major American online news outlets have more politically polarized audiences than their counterparts in any other country.

NPR’s ‘On Point’ host Tom Ashbrook fired over allegations of workplace abuse

NPR host Tom Ashbrook has been fired from the popular radio show "On Point" over allegations that he created an abusive workplace for his employees.

NPR’s chief news editor is out following multiple sexual harassment allegations

NPR's chief news editor, David Sweeney, has departed following several years-old sexual harassment allegations, the network reported Tuesday.