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Soviet missiles in Cuba, seen in reconnaissance photos taken on October 14, 1962.

56 years ago, the Cuban missile crisis took the world to the brink of nuclear war — here’s what it looked like from sunny Florida beaches

The Cold War was in full swing by the time the Soviet Union started setting up ballistic missiles in Cuba in late 1962. Here's what it looked like from Florida.

North Korea paraded ICBMs in a show of force on the eve of South Korea’s Olympics

The focus of this parade was clearly on North Korea's fighting strength and not efforts for peace.

Putin himself just test-launched a nuclear-capable missile designed to beat US defenses

Putin himself launched missiles with "advanced ballistic missile warheads" that the US has essentially no chance of defending against.

North Korea is just getting started on a fleet of more powerful nukes

North Korea's latest batch of missile imagery shows off a nascent fleet that may one day match the US's ability to launch large nuclear payloads.

Why Russia’s ballistic-missile defense works and the US’s kinda doesn’t

"We have to actually hit a bullet with a bullet," a former US nuclear officer said. But Russia can miss by a half-mile and still get it.