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NUS is reviewing its ‘two strikes and you’re out’ policy, after the education minister criticised its ‘manifestly inadequate&#...

The current policy allows first-time offenders to avoid expulsion, as NUS wants to "give the students a chance".

Over 20 students have fallen ill after eating at an NUS residential college – they showed symptoms of gastroenteritis, including diarrhoea and v...

A source familiar with the situation said that the students dined at the Ridge View Residential College on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Singapore millennials care more about family, society and self-growth – than being famous or owning material goods, an OCBC study finds

A whopping 86 per cent of respondents said that their life motivation is to understand their inner selves – compared to only 32 per cent who said that it is to be well-known.

NUS study finds that seniors who eat more mushrooms may have a lower risk of cognitive decline – here’s how much they ate per week

This could be because of the presence of a specific compound called ergothioneine found in almost all mushroom varieties.

NUS and NTU ranked on global top 10 for 14 subjects – while SMU returns to top 50 for business

NUS' Engineering (Civil and Structural) is the second-best in the whole world.

Weight loss linked to higher risk of death than weight gain among middle-aged and older Chinese Singaporeans

Middle-aged Chinese Singaporeans are at higher risk of early death if they lose a lot of weight.

NUS is no longer Asia’s number 1 university – here’s what happened

It looks like NUS' winning streak has come to an end this year.

Grab and NUS have created a multi-million dollar ‘AI Lab’ to solve traffic issues across Southeast Asia

The Lab aims to solve problems such as traffic congestion and could possibly reduce travel times by a 1/3rd.

Plan for drones to deliver parcels takes flight

A drone landing on ...