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Ferrero Group executive chairman Giovanni Ferrero inherited a multibillion-dollar fortune.

Meet secretive Nutella billionaire Giovanni Ferrero, who built a $32 billion fortune off Tic Tacs, Butterfingers, and his namesake chocolates

An anonymous executive at The Ferrero Group once compared the company's security measures to those of NASA.
Costco's massive bucket of Nutella.

Costco is selling a massive tub of Nutella that weighs almost 7 pounds for $22

Costco is selling a tub of Nutella that weighs in at nearly seven pounds.
Nutella's red and white label inspire much of the cafe's decor.

What it’s like inside the new Nutella Cafe, where the menu and decor revolve entirely around the chocolate hazelnut spread

INSIDER got a sneak peak of the cafe ahead of its opening in New York City, and tried some of its menu items including a Nutella gelato push pop.

With a $22 billion fortune, the Nutella matriarch is the richest person in Italy

The Ferrero family commands the second-largest confectionery in Europe.

Many parents are terrified to feed their kids Nutella

People on social media are accusing Nutella of containing harmful ingredients.