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McDonald's can be relatively nutritious.

What 7 dietitians order at McDonald’s

INSIDER spoke to seven dieticians about what they eat at McDonald's and how you can make your fast-food meal more nutritious.
Every year, new health research forges a path to help us understand diet, exercise, disease, and more better than the years prior.

7 big health myths that were debunked in 2018

From going gluten-free to the benefits of blue light glasses, these are the top health-related myths that were busted in 2018.

The keto diet fascinated Americans most in 2018. Here are the top 10 diet trends of the year, according to Google.

People were interested in fat-heavy, meaty diets like keto as well as eating trends that emphasized periods of fasting and indulging.
The Mediterranean diet, a term used to broadly describe the eating habits of the people of the area, is widely believed to be responsible for the low rates of chronic heart disease in the populations of the 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The most popular diets millennials want to try in 2019

According to a recent survey by Business Insider, millennials looking to eat healthier in 2019 are most interested in low-carb and low-calorie diets.
It's best to not start your day with excess sugar.

Breakfast meals you should be eating instead of cereal, according to a nutritionist

Cereals can often leave you hungry and with a major energy crash way before lunchtime. Here's what you should eat instead.
Plastic grocery bags from a 99 Cents Only Store in Los Angeles.

Dollar stores are feeding more Americans than Whole Foods, and it’s leading some communities into crisis

Dollar stores may be provoking economic distress in rural communities and low-income black neighborhoods.
It can be hard to make sure you're eating the right foods

Some of the most filling foods you can eat, according to nutritionists

It can be hard to make sure you're eating the right foods so INSIDER spoke to some experts to find out which foods are the most filling.
Three to five days before the show, the models completely cut carbohydrates to eliminate any bloating.

The Victoria’s Secret models’ pre-show diet includes avocados and lots of nuts

Charles Passler, a nutritionist who works with Victoria's Secret models like Bella Hadid, explains what the models eat before the annual fashion show.
There are a plenty of foods packed with protein that aren't eggs.

8 foods that have more protein than an egg

While eggs are a great source of protein, there are plenty of other foods packed with nutrients that'll keep you feeling full throughout your day.

A nutritionist reveals how to make your Thanksgiving meal healthier without sacrificing the good stuff

Thanksgiving is packed with ways to eat healthy without sacrificing great tastes. Here's how to navigate the holiday, according to a nutritionist.