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The most surprising foods Weight Watchers considers zero points — and why

Enjoy as many leaves, fruits, fish, eggs, and figs as you want, according to Weight Watchers. The weight-loss giant now says many whole foods need not be counted toward dieters' daily totals because they leave eaters feeling satisfied and create healthy habits.
Sushi chefs react to a part of a 222 kg (489 lb) Bluefin tuna in Tokyo, January 5, 2013.

17 simple tricks people around the world use to avoid gaining weight

People around the world have come up with surprisingly simple techniques for maintaining a healthy weight. South Americans sip appetite-suppressing Yerba mate tea, while Ethiopians nibble bread made from a grain called teff. See how people around the world control their weight.
Gluten-free kids meals aren't healthier than others, instead they're dosed with less protein and fat, which are better ways to stay full than riding a sugar high.

Gluten-free foods marketed to children reveal an ugly truth about the trend, but there’s an easy fix

A study published in the journal Pediatrics this week that compared the amount of sugar, fat, salt and other ingredients in packaged foods marked gluten-free to others revealed that "GF"-labeled foods aren't nutritionally better than the rest of the pack, and in some ways, they're worse.
Dairy can cause bloating, migraines, and fatigue for some people.

I used to eat dairy at almost every meal — here’s what happened when I gave it up for 6 weeks

Dairy is a staple in many people's lives, and it contains nutrients like vitamin D and calcium that are good for your health. However, for some, dairy may contribute to bloating, migraines, and fatigue. I decided to give up dairy for six weeks. Here's what happened.

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to boost your body and brain — here’s how long your workout should take

Cardio could be the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have, but doing it regularly shouldn't take a whole day. Instead, the available evidence suggests there's an ideal window for exercises like cycling, swimming, or brisk walking — and it's under an hour.

New evidence suggests that most vitamins are useless, but here are the only ones you should take

Vitamins and supplements are a $37 billion industry, but new research has found that they're mostly useless. Here are the vitamins you should take — and the ones you should avoid.

The health war against cheese may be completely misguided

Cheese lovers, rejoice. There's new evidence that the saturated fat found in cheese, milk, and other kinds of dairy is not tied to an increased risk of heart problems or death from any cause. The study is the latest in a series of papers that question the idea that eating fat is unhealthy.

There’s growing evidence that eating fat won’t make you fat, but sugar will

In the World Cup of food wars, sugar and fat are the playoff teams. But an emerging science suggests that when eaten on its own, fat doesn't contribute to weight gain while sugar does. Scientists recommend cutting back on sugar and instead bringing back foods like creamy avocados and buttery salmon.
A Mediterranean diet includes foods like nuts, vegetables, fish, legumes, and whole grains.

The word ‘diet’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth — but trying the Mediterranean diet for a week completely surprised me

The Mediterranean diet includes unprocessed foods like fruits, fish, nuts, and whole grains. The eating plan doesn’t cut entire food groups, and the benefits can include reducing the chances heart disease and preventing cognitive decline. Here's what happened when I tried the diet for a week.

What to eat and drink before and after a run, according to an Olympian who now coaches runners

If you are going to run regularly, it's essential to learn how to eat and hydrate properly. Before each run, it's important to eat right to make sure you have enough energy. After running, the right meal will help your muscles recover and build up stronger.