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The San Francisco Bay Area is a unique place to grow up, author Michal Kranz says.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are 10 things I wish people would understand about it.

Visitors to the San Francisco Bay Area might be surprised to learn there's so much more to the city than Silicon Valley and the booming tech industry.

‘Scary last 20 minutes of our flight’: Passengers braced themselves inside a smoke-filled cabin as their Hawaiian Airlines flight prepared...

Seven passengers were taken to the hospital for "smoke-related issues" following an evacuation on the runway after the plane landed.
To use Hound Labs' device, someone blows into it for roughly a minute. Then, the device returns a positive or negative result for the presence of THC.

This ER doctor is about to launch the first marijuana breathalyzer, and it could completely upend how we do drug testing

Hound Labs is gearing up to launch the world's first marijuana breathalyzer, which could help police figure out whether people are driving while high.

Kamala Harris kicks off her 2020 campaign with a massive rally in Oakland

Sen. Kamala Harris kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign on Sunday at a large rally attended by thousands in her hometown of Oakland, California.
The wreckage of a vehicle is seen along the road in the aftermath of wildfires in Paradise, California.

Smoke from the California fires blots out the sun, ruins air quality, and gives the Bay area a bizarre glow

The California fire has killed 66 people so far, and smoke from the blaze has travelled over 200 miles to some Bay Area cities, carried on winds.
Police thought a severed human head, found in this yard in Oakland, was a Halloween prank.

2 people took a real severed head to a police station, but officers thought it was a Halloween prank

Oakland police thought it was a Halloween prank — until they took a closer look at the severed head. They are now trying to match it with a body.
TaTeona Hughes, Retail Lead at Red Bay Coffee Roastery.

A booming California coffee chain says it knows the key to one of Starbucks’ biggest customer problems

After a white Starbucks manager called the police on two black customers in Philadelphia, Red Bay Coffee in California saw their sales shoot up by 160%. Founder Keba Konte says that the majority of his company's management is comprised of people of color, helping curb racial bias.

‘I didn’t feel like fabricating the truth’: An ICE spokesman resigned after accusing the Trump administration of spreading ‘mi...

An ICE spokesman said he resigned after Trump officials made false claims about a California mayor who warned immigrants about an impending arrest operation.

Google’s new Bulletin service will let anyone submit news stories — but it might make the company’s fake-news problem even worse

Goole just launched Bulletin, a service to let people share news stories they believe went under the mainstream media's radar.