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Obama warns: if America stays so divided, our democracy and economy won’t survive

President Barack Obama remains hopeful that American can solve its political divisiveness. But he also has a stark warning for the US: our economy and our democracy are at risk if we can't get past the finger-pointing, partisan morass that has gridlocked the nation for years.

Obama made a joke about ‘the modern presidency’ and people ‘going to jail’

President Obama had a rule in his White House that no one would get in trouble for making a mistake if there was "malicous intent" behind it, he said at a tech conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday.
Obama in the Situation Room during his presidency

Obama describes what being in the Situation Room is like — and it’s advice anyone can use to make hard decisions

Few know what it's like to make a tough call better than former President Barack Obama, who recently talked about how he made decisions in the Situation Room.
Barack Obama and Okta founder CEO Todd McKinnon

Obama sounds off on the need for Silicon Valley tech companies to be regulated and improve the way they handle data breaches

Former president Barack Obama said on stage at an Okta conference in Las Vegas that both tech companies and lawmakers in Washington need to be more "proactive" in figuring out "a framework" for future regulation.
Barack Obama

Obama explains why he signed a deal with Netflix and how he thinks it will help solve our political divide

On Wednesday at a tech conference hosted by Okta, former president Barack Obama spoke publicly about his new Netflix deal for the first time.

Restaurants are listing calories on menus starting today — but a registered dietitian says there’s a better way to size up your food

Registered dietitian Nichola Whitehead says the first thing she tells her clients to look for on a nutrition label isn't the calorie content.

Trump aides reportedly hired an Israeli intelligence agency to dig up dirt on Obama’s Iran deal team

The firm aides contacted was reportedly Black Cube, the same organization Harvey Weinstein used to discredit his accusers. The president's team is said to have contacted the firm days after Trump visited Israel last May in order to "discredit those who were pivotal" in the deal.

Trump’s White House Easter bunny is mysteriously missing its vest — and people are concerned

Trump's Easter bunny was decidedly naked at this year's Easter Egg Roll.

Trump’s approval rating just hit its highest point in almost a year despite multiple scandals

Trump's new numbers are a massive improvement on his record lows late last year.
Colonel Ralph Peters

A Fox News contributor quit the network, calling it a ‘propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration’

Retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor Ralph Peters severed ties with Fox, slamming the network and the president in an email.