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Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani: We expect Mueller to wrap up obstruction-of-justice probe against Trump by September

Rudy Guiliani's comments to The New York Times appeared to be an attempt at publicly pressuring Robert Mueller as President Donald Trump's team considers letting Trump be interviewed by the special counsel.
The special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether Trump committed obstruction of justice and whether his campaign cooperated with Russia to interfere in the 2016 US election.

Trump argues he’s fighting back on Russia probe, not obstructing justice, while vaguely threatening ’13 Angry Democrats’

President Donald Trump gave a rundown of his thinking about the twin probes into possible wrongdoing from his campaign and administration on Monday, and threatened Democratic lawmakers in the process.
Robert Mueller.

There’s no scenario where Trump could come out unscathed from an interview with Mueller, experts say

Legal experts warn that the special counsel Robert Mueller's questions for President Donald Trump could place him in enormous legal or political jeopardy, and sitting for an interview would probably be a trap.
Robert Mueller.

A Trump-Mueller interview may be back on the table

The special counsel Robert Mueller is tying up loose ends in his obstruction case against President Trump.

Mueller has reportedly decided to move forward without an interview with Trump

The special counsel Robert Mueller most likely has enough evidence to wrap up his obstruction case without an interview with the president.

Mike Pompeo says Mueller interviewed him in the Russia probe

Outgoing CIA director Mike Pompeo refused to answer questions about a meeting at which President Donald Trump ranted about then-FBI director James Comey.
Donald Trump.

We now know of a second instance in which Trump reportedly wanted Mueller fired

President Trump was angry about news reports that special counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank records connected to his business dealings.
Donald Trump.

Mueller’s revelation that Trump is not a target of the Russia probe means less than you think

Prosecutors label someone a target when they have enough evidence to charge them. Robert Mueller needs one more thing before he can make that decision.

Mueller is putting together a report in the obstruction case that could be as damaging to Trump as an indictment

President Donald Trump may not be out of the woods in the special counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into whether the president attempted to obstruct justice.
U.S. President Donald Trump announces a presidential proclamation placing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 8, 2018.

Revelations that Trump’s lawyer may have dangled pardons to Flynn and Manafort leave a huge question unanswered

It's unlikely a defense attorney would act without the knowledge or approval of his client in an investigation as high-profile as the Russia probe.